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Apr 26, 2021, 03:00 PM 9,973 read

[Molang's Egg Craft Shop] Lucky Box Event

● Event
My Secret Bistro: ● Event - [Molang's Egg Craft Shop] Lucky Box Event image 1

Hello, this is Manager Benny.   Molang does Egg Craft this time~! Let's meet our new Molang who can do everything well:)   Don't miss the this chance as we will also proceed the Discounted Event for 10-times drawing during the event period:)   Please check the details below!   ■<Molang's Egg Craft Shop> Lucky Box Event Notice■   - Event Period : April 27th (Tue) 00:00 ~ May 6th (Thu) Before Update (UTC+9)   - Event Content : In-game [Stores] > [Lucky Box] menu, you can try [Molang's Egg Craft Shop Lucky Box].   - How to use : The discounted price will be applied at using 10 times-drawing function at [Molang's Egg Craft Shop Lucky Box] during the event period   - Name : Molang's Egg Craft Shop - 1 Try Price : 30 Rubies - Normal Price for 10 Times : 285 Rubies (5% Discount) - Multi-try Price for 10 Times : 270 Rubies (10% Discount)   ※ Please note you should keep the page and continuously try 10 times-drawing to apply 10% discounted price. If you leave the page and then come back to do 10 times-drawing, 5% discounted price will be applied like the first try   - Lucky Box Composition :   Molang's Egg Craft Shop(1) 30 Rubies Spruce(1) Mithril(1) Magic Paint(1)   - Income Decor Information :

My Secret Bistro: ● Event - [Molang's Egg Craft Shop] Lucky Box Event image 3

Income Decor <Molang's Egg Craft Shop> (From level 1 Available) (Part-Time Available) - Size : 2 * 2 - Production Time : 132 Hours - Production Rewards : 6,370,000 Coins + EXP(477,000) - Production Rewards for Applying Income Decor Booster : 8,281,000 Coins + EXP(620,100)( Plus 30% from Normal Production Reward) - Income Decor booster Application Period : April 27th (Tue) 0:00 ~ June 1st (Tue) 23:59 (UTC+9)     Please join the event a lot. Thank you.

Comment 5

  • Talsa LV.11 The Best Apr 26, 2021, 07:57 PM

    Well, they did give 20 lucky box tickets as an event rewards. Hope they increase the rate so those people who got the rewards can get something out of it...

  • BJORKHAL LV.12 Rootin Tootin Apr 26, 2021, 03:38 PM

    I really would like to have this, but kinda afraid to spin... I used all my tickets and rubies for Easter Rabbit, but I only have materials... 😭😭😭

  • AliceYuna~ LV.14 Chief Apr 26, 2021, 06:11 PM

    I feel your pain, Just fyi, me and my partner draw 80x on easter bunny and each only got 1 pt from drawing..the rate is horrible,

  • Astridrose LV.10 Nomad Apr 27, 2021, 12:56 AM

    Hey Manager Benny increase the rate of having PTs. Bit frustrated here. Drew a 10x spin on VIP Lucky box but got nothing. 🥲🥲

  • gamer618697770 LV.1 Mootie Apr 27, 2021, 10:43 AM

    Manager Benny, i cant change account since yesterday..
    we have a strong wifi connection, but whenever i change account, it loads forever -.-.