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May 24, 2021, 03:01 PM 362 read

What's Today's Dinner? Event Announcement

● Event
My Secret Bistro: ● Event - What's Today's Dinner? Event Announcement image 1

Hello, this is Manager Benny.   Benny checked all the dinner dishes chefs uploaded and felt so full even though Benny ate nothing~!   Benny does not have to worry for a while! Benny can choose and have various meals for dinner every day:)   We appreciate for all the participant chefs and send the reward into in-game [Mailbox] on May 24th(Mon).   - Event Reward : 15 Lucky Box Tickets   Enter the game to claim the reward!   Please also join the further events a lot. Thank you.

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  • gamer228323475 LV.6 Nomad May 24, 2021, 03:25 PM

    Thank You Manager Benny, i got 15 luckybox tickets