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[FAQ] What is Chef Training?


What is Chef Training?   You will get Job EXP when completing Premium Dish. You will be able to begin chef training once Job EXP is full and increase the chef's level.   You''ll see an exclamation mark on your character meaning you're ready to train when Chef Level is full. The [Train] button will be activated when you meet all the requirements!   * When Chef Level is full, you won't get any Job EXP even you have completed an Premium Dish! Please complete Chef Training in order to gain more Job EXP.   When Chef Training is complete, a check mark will appear on your character. Press [Reward] to level up your Chef & get the rewards!   Chef Training Level-Up Rewards: 1) Skill Points (You need them in Culinary Research!) 2) Maximum Energy permanently increased 3) Reputations, Beauty Points, Rubies etc.   * Rewards vary depending on the Chef's level   - You can get 1 Job EXP at your friend's restaurant (10 times a day) - The amount of Energy will be recharged when your friend helps your character. (10 times a day)   Chef Training is the first step to upgrade Premium Dishes & obtain Titles!   Are you curious about how to use Skill Points received from Chef Training? Shall we go over what Recipe Research is? Go to:

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