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[FAQ] What is Recipe Research & the benefits?


What is Recipe Research?   You can use Skill Points from Chef Training to upgrade Premium Dishes. Premium Dishes are divided into 5 categories. Reach Level 5 at each Culinary Research and obtain a professional Title.   1. Culinary Research Categories (5 total) Salad / Appetizer / Stew / Main / Dessert   2. Items needed for Culinary Research (Coin, Heart, Energy, Skill Point)   3. Time spent on Culinary Research and Rewards shown   You can obtain: Novice / Veteran / Expert / Master / Legend Titles when reaching Level 5 on each Culinary Research Category depending on your Research Progress!   * You can move on to the next level once you complete the current Culinary Research. * Skill Points and other requiring items are consumed in Research. Please choose carefully which dish you want to carry on your research on * If you already started a Culinary Research, you cannot proceed additional Research at the same time.   ※Culinary Research Rewards Upon completion of a culinary study, you'll receive an additional benefit when making a Premium Dish after completing Culinary Research. The benefits vary depending on each Research Level.   *Culinary Research Level 1: 5% more Coins for packing Order Request *Culinary Research Level 2: 5% increase in EXP for packing Order Request *Culinary Research Level 3: 5% increase in EXP for making the dish *Culinary Research Level 4: 5% more Coins for packing Order Request *Culinary Research Level 5: 5% reduction in cooking time of the dish   *Touch [Reward] to receive the rewards once the research is complete.   You can check your benefits & research progress on Premium Dishes.   Take various advantages through Culinary Research upgrading Premium Dishes!

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