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Nov 24, 2020, 04:54 PM 56 read

[FAQ] What is Title?


What is Title?   You can obtain a profession Title on each 5 level of the category depending on your Culinary Research progress. Your obtained Title will be displayed and a nice signboard can be installed next to the restaurant.   Let's take a look at how to install a Title and types of the signboard.   How to install a Title Touch my profile picture on the top left corner of the restaurant then go to the [Title] tab. You can see the newly obtained Title. The [Title] menu allows you to check the progress of your Culinary Research and obtained Titles. Touch the green [Equip] button to install the Title you've obtained.   Now show off your Title to others!   Titles are classified into: Novice -> Veteran -> Expert -> Master -> Legend depending on your Culinary Research progress.   You can choose to obtain which category of the Title first depending on which Premium Dish you will do a research for. For instance, if you have completed your Culinary Research to Master Level on Salad, you will become Master of Salad.   Check different signboards you can get for each Title.   Collect various Titles through Chef Training and Culinary Research & Become an owner of a 5 Star Restaurant~!!!

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