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[FAQ] How to Apply Part Time


You can apply as a part time to your friend's income decor where it shows "HELP" icon.   *When a friend/follower does a part time on your income decor:   - Production Time is shortened by 40%   - Rewards increase by 120%     *You can apply Part Time to an Income Decor that has Part Time feature. You'll see an additional icon on the Income Decor available for Part Time.     *When I do a part time on a friend's/follower's income decor:   - You can obtain 80% of the production reward at the completion.   - You can apply for 20 part times a day. You can do a part time for the same friend/follower once a day only.       Difference between Part-time & Non Part-time Income Decor:   Check out "HELP" icon at the bottom right of the income decor at the time of purchase/creation!

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How to Apply Part Time:   You will see the "HELP" icon when there is an income decor you can do for a part time at a friend's bistro. (You can see the number of part time remaining on the top of the screen) Touch "HELP" icon to apply for part time.     How to Accept Part Time:   If you accept an Alba application that you received in my production deco,   You can accept or decline friend's/follower's part time request on your income decor by pressing the income decor he/she applied for a part time.  

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