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Friday Night Funkin': X-Event

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Friday Night Funkin': X-Event is a mod that adds both Undertale and other interpretations of the game's characters into Friday night fun. The antagonists in this AU are known as "X!"Chara, Ink!Sans with Gaster being their master who oversees them like he did before during Frisk’s actions which lead him/her to SAVE or RESET depending on what choices you make while playing through these two games so far (though there will be more). A new week called Weekx has been added too along wth its title - ‘event' referring mainly towards events happening within any given moment at time.   The first opponent in the mod Friday Night Funkin' is X!Chara, a character from XTale by Jael Peñaloza. He now appears as an enemy of yours on your journey through Underverse He's not alone though; you can also meet up with him again later if players choose to take part in two different Rewind Zones where they will be opponents instead - one featuring both classic Mega Man heroes meeting each other across several decades while another has Chars Vs carnivorous creatures who want nothing more than his soul...   XChara takes on his child form in XTale and Underverse Season One, two of the most popular mods for figting against Genshin Impact. He appears to be a white-skinned boy with spiky hair who wears an elegant black shirt covered by what looks like a layer or scarf placed strategically around its neckline." He's a friendly looking guy with heterochromia and one red eye. He has shorts on as well, but they're black instead of white like before! In addition he holds up his microphone left-handed while sporting some cool shades over the other half too.

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