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The Backrooms

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There are more and more horror shorts online that are shot in low-resolution and have walls covered in yellow paper. This place is called "The Backrooms," and it's where you end up when you fall through a hole in reality or a rip in the fabric of existence. There are a lot of videos online that talk about this interesting idea, and they just beg for a longer production to show how scary the idea really is. After watching The Backrooms (Found Footage), a short film uploaded to YouTube by Kane Parsons, I was fascinated by the idea and wanted to learn more about this intriguing mystery that over 18 million people have seen so far.   We see the title and the yellow wallpaper when we clip into the Backrooms.   Like the cameraman we follow in the short, when I was looking for The Backrooms legend, I fell down a rabbit hole. When I saw the movie, I sent it to a few friends and looked up where The Backrooms came from. I went online right away and found a huge number of shorts about The Backrooms. Depending on how the film was made, some of the shorts are more interesting than others. The Kane Pixels movie has a strange alien presence chasing after the intruder, which, according to the Backrooms fan community, doesn't quite fit the original idea.   Imagine living in a world like a video game or The Matrix, where everything that makes up our lives is programmed. Object programming can cause problems if things aren't lined up right in the video game's code, especially between surfaces or objects. This sometimes causes characters to suddenly fall through the video game world. When this happens, they end up on the show Highlight Reel, which is about video game achievements and goofs. In games, the worst thing that can happen is that your character dies or you have to start over, but they often come back from the last save point without remembering that their life is a lie and their world is made up. The character then keeps going on their quest as if no time has gone by.   Over time, video games get patches that stop these bugs from happening and keep characters from "noclipping" out of their world. If we assume that our reality is a simulation and that someone, somewhere, added a safety feature, the idea becomes scary. When you think about the room that people on 4chan and Creepypasta have made for when you "noclip" out of existence, the fear it makes you feel is very real.  

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