gamer452987804 LV.2 Lurker
Apr 9, 2021, 07:38 AM 81 read

cant make guild

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I've been trying to make a guild for 5 hours now. my level 40, rep is over 200 i believe and beauty is higher then needed as well. i have the gems to make it but everytime i fill out the needed information to make the guild it does the small loading circle thing but never moves from that screen, why!?

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  • Choco~chan LV.17 Outlaw Apr 9, 2021, 03:32 PM

    contact the developers. they may be able to do something about this if you've trying for some time now

  • gamer452987804 LV.2 Lurker Apr 10, 2021, 12:47 PM

    I did try. thank you 😊