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Apr 1, 2021, 02:49 PM 79 read

ID: Lizzye

[Closed] My Best Lie

Here is the short story: Maybe back 2009 or something, i used to have a friend but the kind of friend who always like to borrow stuff but never returns them back, and because we were friends, i never could say no to her. So one day, she called me very early morning (she called me on the landphone of my house 😑) to ask me for something she wanted to borrow from me, so i picked up the phone, we greeted each other and when she asked for what she needed, my only excuse was" oh my friend" i wish i can lend it to you but unfortunately, I'm not home right now 😂😂😂 She then said: But, how could you say, you're not home if I'm calling you on your landphone number?! 😑😑😑 hahaha..... I didn't know what else to say, since she caught me lying to her but to agree on lending her what she asked me for... 😅 That day i felt like a dumb dumb who needs a gum gum 😁

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