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Apr 3, 2021, 01:27 PM 214 read


[Closed] My Best Lie

I'm a freelance scriptwriter (film & dramas) . Last time, I promised to my mum that I would like to treat her and family when I get my first payment of the script that I made since I was graduated last year. One day; I went home, after almost 2 months can't back home because of Covid-19. I brought mum and families to our favourite restaurant near the beach, I bought them dinner; but after I paid, my mum keep asking me. Is it fine? Do you really got the paycheck? I said, I do(actually I didn't get any payment yet till now). Don't need to worry about. Just pray for me, I will get new project for next time and bring them to somewhere nice. But my mum doubted in me. I tried to build her trust, and she thanked to me alot with hugs and almost crying. I saw her tears in her eyes make me felt bad because of a LIE but until today I'm feeling so thankful that finally I used my money to pay our dinner. My parents always refused when I give them pocket money or, pay something for them. :(

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