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Apr 3, 2021, 04:35 PM 78 read


[Closed] My Best Lie

In 1 April 2019 , this is my best lie, morning i call my BF, i say i hate he, and he want cry! I shut up the call, i eat, and i call all my friend, i say to them, if i sick and yeah, they shock, i say i must just in home, and not can join my friend birth, and my friend call is gone, i ready for party hehe! >< Day is want to be night, i ready for surprise! My BF is there, so i want to say sorry for he, i use a mask, so nobody can know who me, and when my friend come to me, i say happy April fools! And we laugh together, i say sorry to my BF to of course, and mm i want to say something but... I just kidding! Happy April fools guys... Sorry late btw :v

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  • Anasako19 LV.21 S Apr 3, 2021, 04:35 PM

    i know this not to funny, but i like if this can make you all laugh~

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