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My brother, My savior IGN: VENLYN

[Closed] Proud of My Family

This is my lil bro his name is Roben. Since long ago I have always wanted a dog but because of my parents don't like it, I never thought I'll be having one. In 2021, I fall sick and everytime I got sick, my parents always grant my wish and here he is lmao. I had always wanted a Pomeranian breed. When my friends know I wanted to have a dog they introduce me to many pet shop and kettle. Basically I randomly choose one because I'm thinking that I want to have one on that day, and when we just arrive, there are many Pomeranian around 5 or 6 and also other breeds, but somehow my mother directly fall in love with this little one and on that day she agree to take him. They gave us all his information and do you know what is more surprisingly, his birthday is totally the same as mine! Maybe this is what you called by destiny. First time we brought him to our home, he doesn't even want to go out from his cage. Very curious and somehow terrified. But on second day, little by little he walk over towards me but just in a second he directly run back to his cage. Every single day he will come out a little and go back to his cage. But now he will always stick around me and lick me all over. I can really tell the difference from and then since the day I walk Roben outside on one evening. On that day, I passed by this street, I know in this area there are many wild dog BUT, usually they are not aggressive. On that day, the wild dog first sleeping but I think somehow they heard footsteps, woke up and immediately run towards me. I don't know why but I become terrified and I directly took Roben into my arm and run away. I know people always say don't run but in that kind of situation if I stay there i don't think I will be safe. The street is very quiet. There are no car nor people passing by. I just keep running and Roben keep barking. In front, there are speed bump and I fell. On the same time Roben stood behind me and keep barking to the 3 dogs that almost reach us. He keep barking even though the size difference are very big. Luckily there are some students from house nearby that maybe disturbed by Roben barking because they're having tuition at that time and after saw the situation, they immediately call for help and chase away the wild dogs. I'm glad I only got some scratches on my knee and palm. Roben is the one who saved me. I'm very happy and glad to meet Roben and have him in my life💕

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