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The Daily Moot: Steam Winter Sale

News Picks

1. Steam Winter Sale

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The Steam Winter Sale is officially underway, providing some of the year’s biggest discounts on thousands of games. Some of the most notable games include Halo: The Master Chief Collection (40% off), Dysco Elysium (40% off), Control Ultimate Edition (50% off) and DOOM Eternal (67% off). The Steam Winter Sale also coincides with The Steam Awards and fans can now start voting for all their favorites such as the Game of the Year nominees: Hades, Red Dead Redemption 2, DOOM Eternal, Fall Guys, and Death Stranding.

  2. Epic Freebies   Another day of freebies from Epic Games is here as part of their ongoing holiday giveaway. Today’s free game is Metro 2033 Redux, a single player first-person survival horror game. You can grab your free copy of Metro 2033 Redux directly from the Epic Games Store from now until tomorrow at 8am Pacific Time.

  3. Dead Cells Update   Dead Cells just got a new update bringing some holiday cheer to the game. Described as “little stocking fillers,” the update gives players 2 new outfits as well as a cosmetic option which turns all the food in the game to cheese. On the non-cosmetic side of things, the heavily-requested katana weapon has finally been released and it enables players to chain a standard slash with a dashing charge attack. Last but not least, the update also makes some changes to the Malaise effect with the developers saying, “We're aiming to give a cycling nature to the mechanic, with a Malaise that should stay in-between 3 and 7 during most of the run (except for boss fights).”

  4. Overwatch Free Access   Overwatch is currently free to play as a holiday gift from Blizzard. Although the game has had free weekends in the past, this free access event is much longer and will last a full 2 weeks. During the free access period the game will also be on sale at $20 for the Legendary Edition and $15 for the Standard Edition. Overwatch free access is set to run from now until January 4.

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