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How did the packaging come from? 


Any type of packaging or collection designed to facilitate the transportation of goods. Do you want to know more about how packaging was born? What are the most commonly used today? Which are the most ecological? Continue to read this Mini Guide on packaging history to date and learn more!   1 - it has existed since ancient times... Because it always needs transportation and protection. Human beings are constantly developing and do nothing but respond to the need to combine products to store or transport them to where they are needed. Finally, he "copied nature": the seeds of protected plants are preserved in protective shells and pericarps, eggs are contained in shells, and turtles are protected in shells.   2 - at the beginning, there were two ear bottles and baskets for transporting wine and various spices. Once upon a time, in the most precious and even dangerous trade, because pirates were vaguely visible at sea (and still vaguely visible, please read this paragraph about one of the latest and most famous attacks on cargo ships in the past 15 years), there were those used to transport spices.   In fact, spices are one of the most precious foods that can be transported. It is not so much for the "moral" use of the kitchen as for the protection and preservation of the food itself. There was no refrigerator or very advanced protection methods, except "refrigerator". Recently, some examples were found in northeast Italy a century ago, which is the Regional Park in the lesini mountains.   This is why spices are so strategic: they are used to preserve food, but also to mask the smell of decay and "deterioration" and make food more delicious.Wine, the nectar of the gods, has always been a magical and basic drink. Especially for Mediterranean culture. If you want to know more, read this article!   In addition, even oil and wheat, as well as goods, gold and precious metals, are materials with high preservation requirements. The whole special workshop is dedicated to molding double ear bottles, coffins and valuable gift round box packaging.   If you want to discover Greek and Roman packaging and make a dejav ù, travel (even virtual!) Go to the amphorae Museum in San Benedetto del Tronto or the Genoa Archaeological Museum!You can still enjoy the packaging 2000 years ago, which is an extraordinary time reversal!   3 - other valuables included in durable and artistic packaging are salt, jewelry and precious materials. Salt was the medium of exchange commerce in ancient times: just like money today. In fact, the word "salary" today is designated as salary or payment at the end of the working month, which comes from the Latin sal à rium, or salt ration, later known as "idennit à". Part of the military service payment in ancient Rome came from the ration of salt and a certain amount of oil, wine and grain, which is not new.   Like spices, salt has exactly the same function: it can preserve and protect food. If the salt ration is material at first, it will be replaced by the allowance to buy it over time. In fact, as early as the Roman Empire, the word "salary" meant the salary of workers, so a broader definition can be adopted, or even a modern definition if you like.   The history of packaging has developed simultaneously with the development of market, storage and transportation systems. This long history began with materials such as wood - today's evidence is very scarce because it has naturally degraded for thousands of years and can only be found in very small areas in hot and dry areas. It can be found in some Pharaoh tombs in Egypt.   From wood, the first material that can be used for packaging, to glass, humans have begun to deal with this material accurately and skillfully in ancient times. Then we came to terra cotta pottery and some metals (think of the "Iron Age") until the first cardboard packaging was invented in the 1880s. As we all know, at the beginning of the last century, tinplate and plastic were created: today is a negative symbol of climate change and the demand for material reuse!   4 - do you know that the first cardboard packaging dates back to the 1880s? The invention of cartons! In fact, in a British factory, the use of paper folding was realized, and almost all of this happened by accident! However, the first prototypes of bark and mulberry box seem to have originated in China three or four thousand years ago.   However, the large-scale production of cardboard boxes for packaging products broke out in the late 19th century and reached today. With the different evolution and improvement of products in the whole century. Carton immediately appeared as a multifunctional product, which responded to the demand of packaging, but not only that. In fact, it is immediately applicable to the packaging, transportation and transportation of goods and products.   It can be said that packaging, as well as all the marketing and Research on communication and advertising that broke out in the middle of the last century, are accompanied by the evolution and more and more extensive use of cardboard boxes, so that ideas and ideas can be exchanged and transmitted, as well as protected and preserved.   5 - waste collection and recycling center - carton recycling With the birth of the first paperboard collection and recycling center. The collection center is a fenced and manned area where recyclable materials can be sent for recycling. These boxes are re used again to transport other waste and eventually recycled!   The fact that they are 100% recyclable (pay attention to print and ink! Please read on to better understand what I'm talking about) makes the use of paper and paperboard an ethical and environmentally friendly choice, as well as a comfortable and practical choice. In fact, cardboard packaging is versatile and suitable for all kinds of products, from heavy objects weighing up to 500 kg to light and fragile ones. Use 3-wave cardboard boxes, the most appropriate size boxes and bubble packaging or other container protection materials   Back to the common ground between the recycling world and the paperboard packaging world, we are happy to say that paper and paperboard are the materials with the highest recovery rate in Europe, 2000 kg per second! Learn more about this report! Recycling can significantly save disposal costs and environmental resources, especially trees, energy and water needed to make new paper. For every ton of waste paper produced, about 15 trees can be saved!   6. What is the most ecological packaging in 2021? Several studies have proved that the packaging composed of paper and paperboard is the most environmentally friendly because it is not only a 100% recyclable material (beware of paint and ink for printing! Environmental needs not only make the printing paper 100% recyclable, but also pay attention to the whole process of the company's production of dyes), It can also be obtained from recycled materials!   If you want to know more about different packaging and recycling options, this article is for you! It is also a kind of multi-functional material that can be used in different environments with different contents. In fact, in the field of paper and paperboard packaging, various types and weights of raw materials, products and goods can be packaged.   For example, using the 3-wave box, you can pack very delicate and particularly heavy goods and products, up to 500 kg! With one or two wave boxes, you can pack products with different weights and resistance levels, while with microwave boxes, you can pack products that are less refined and usually smaller: in fact, this is a format widely used for online transportation and postal service   With the development of production in recent decades, even the quality of paperboard packaging has been improved, and can meet the most different needs. Non toxic, odorless boxes are ideal for spicy and / or delicate liquids and foods because they contain fresh foods, such as sushi, made of glass. However, the cost of glass is also heavy. So what are the alternatives to packaging this food in order to maintain its best condition during storage and transportation? Suitable cardboard food boxes are ideal. Economical and super durable, they are the ideal solution for food takeout and transportation, and also the packaging of the manufacturing company's base.   There are also many types of packaging obtained from a variety of other raw materials. We will not analyze all of these in this article, but we will consider the most commonly used in the world and Italy. As mentioned earlier, in the most environmentally friendly packaging, the second is glass. However, the main disadvantage of this material is that it is heavy in the first place and the price is much more expensive. In fact, it is mainly used for services involving return or return, such as providing water door-to-door. In addition, glass can not be used in a variety of commodities or products. It is certainly not as many products as cardboard!

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