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Inspiration: 8 kinds of perfume packaging design


You may have been told and repeated many times: the packaging of the product (perfume in this case) is very important in the purchase process. In fact, packaging is now considered to be a real media that can promote transformation. Therefore, the packaging of perfume can attract and persuade consumers through its color, shape and even its texture, and clearly reflect the positioning of your brand. There are 8 kinds of perfume packaging design that can inspire you.   Read more: three emerging trends in product packaging to keep an eye out for   1. Dsquared2 environmental protection packaging DSQUARED2 is a clothing brand, and also provides a series of men's perfume called WOOD. Here, the brand chose environmentally friendly packaging made of a mixture of wood and recycled cardboard. The effect can't be more harmonious, obviously based on the desire for authenticity. The perfume bottle is elegantly contrasted with the original packaging with modern and exquisite lines. A perfect model between contemporary and nature.   2. Adopt 'x you make fashion' environmental protection packaging In collaboration with fashion blogger You Make Fashion, the Adopt brand also chose environmentally friendly cardboard perfume packaging. Although this material is very opaque, the packaging skillfully exerts the effect of transparency. The opening on the package will inevitably attract the attention of consumers, and the package provides a brief overview of the bottles and accessories it contains. One type of packaging also relies on nomadic forms and is easily transported in bags.   3. Gucci elegant and fashionable packaging With this perfume, Gucci has chosen a package that is not only very successful but also very fashionable. Directly inspired by nature, bottles and packaging provide simple lines and nude background colors, all gracefully enhanced by flower illustrations with a super poetic retro flavor.   4. Michael kors sexy Ruby precious wrap Michael kors is a benchmark in the luxury industry. Its sexy Ruby perfume is limited edition, decorated with customized octagonal packaging. Like a luxury box, the packaging is a delicate tribute to this high-end perfume origin gem. So is its color. It is a symbol of sexuality and passion. After opening, consumers will be happy to find a transparent kaleidoscope cover through which they can see the bottle. The mention of the luxury and precious jewelry industry is obvious.   5. Mademoiselle Jacadi box Jacadi was originally a children's clothing brand. To expand its product range, the brand is now providing skin care products and fragrances for the youngest. The mademoiselle Jacadi box provides an obvious simplicity that has not attracted people's attention. It is very fashionable, and its bright color is inspired by the fruit flavor and strong fragrance of this young girl perfume.   6. Bvlgari first generation perfume suit This is an example of a very successful packaging of children's perfume. The Bulgari collection is decorated here with a very fresh "petits et Mamans" suit, which brings together all early childhood passwords. The soft and light package has a pure white background and soft illustrations. If this design is not particularly novel, it does benefit from strong efficiency.   7. Cacherel's super girl packaging Cacharel is a French clothing, perfume and accessories brand, using the most maiden cosmetics code here. This package, including Eau De Toilette and body milk, is equipped with an amazing lipstick shaped package, actually a handbag. Therefore, this dual-purpose packaging is very ingenious and novel.   8. Short and festive acqua Di Parma packaging If this temporary packaging is not intended to last, it has the great advantage of marking the spirit in year-end celebrations! Acqua Di Parma surfs here with a very fashionable concept of the adventure calendar, aiming to establish contact with consumers through the playful Golden packaging, which is very eye-catching and festive. Milan artist GIO pastori made a cylindrical package for acqua Di Parma, which will turn into a 4-sided calendar when opened.

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