possible fix for Google login problems

cut the connection between destiny child and google
where to find:
Google account
connected apps
destiny child

after finishing:
launch destiny child
reconnect with Google

ps. sorry for my bad English

possible fix for Google login problems
Azra Azra
LV.8 Nomad 2years

Unable to re login with google account

I was suddenly logged out of the game because f bug (yes, this happens sometimes on the opening page). I tried to log in with google account but i was forced to start from new, i was asked to fill nickname. I tried to go back to the log in option (fb, line, google) but i cant. Now i have to clear the game data and download all the data. I don't mind downloading big files, but it's inconvenient for me having to wait a while to fully download the game. And what i hate the most is this means, for next time, i have to use fb to log in to the game should this bug happens again, and i hate having to rely fully on fb since i have bad experience when log in on game using fb. Please, enable line to be used as log in option forever. I dont wanna not being able to log in on the game for long time because of my fb account is locked.

Unable to re login with google account +1
Unable to re login with google account
Ivy Felissa
Ivy Felissa Ivy Felissa
LV.23 Genius 2years

Unable to link GameCenter

I keep trying to link my Game Center account but it just freezes the game. I have to switch apps or close the game to proceed again.

Unable to link GameCenter
Arbitrix Arbitrix
LV.2 Lurker 2years

Game Facebook deleted need help

So basically the facebook account that was connected to my destiny child account was deleted and forgot to login every now and then. I did link it to my alt line account but i unlinked it to link it to my main line account because facebook was deleted. Then my internet was unstable while in the process of doing this and i chose to do that at a later time. So now all it doesis send me to the login screen to either login to line, facebook, or google. Is there any way to recover my account?

Game Facebook deleted need help
Lunarui Lunarui
LV.2 Lurker 2years

This bug or not?

This bug or not?
This bug or not?
Medkit Channel
Medkit Channel Medkit Channel
LV.13 Carry Me 2years

How can I buy Leda pack?

How can I buy Leda pack? +2
How can I buy Leda pack?
斬空天翔劍 斬空天翔劍
LV.3 Lurker 2years

Possible issue with displayed rates on Premium pool summons

Maybe I misunderstood something, but I believe the premium pool was already expanded by now (wasn't it supposed to happen on the 12th.) However if you open the premium pools rates info it still only shows the original premium pool childs.
I figured it would be corrected quickly if it really was a bug, and since it hasn't I'm leaning towards maybe me just misunderstanding something, but I wanted to try and clarify this either way- I've been waiting to use some summons until after the pool was expanded (iirc scheduled to happen on the maintenance of Dec 12th, 2019.)

Possible issue with displayed rates on Premium pool summons
Otakuman706 Otakuman706
LV.20 Insomniac 2years

Google login problem

Hello guys, just wanna ask for a little help.
I'm having trouble logging in with Google acc since this morning. First it showed a message of server error, then it logged me off.
It's ok, I'll just log in again, I thought.
Then when I choose the Google acc login option, the loading circle just keep spinning and that is it. I've tried clearing cache, data, and even reinstall the game.
I only use Google as login and I've never sign in with Line or Facebook.
I'm using Sony XA2+ with Android 9 btw.
Anyone experiencing the same?
Thx guys.

Google login problem
arttammax arttammax
LV.2 Lurker 2years

9% rate Soul Carta Pickup Summon bug

Hello, I just pulled a 9% rate Soul Carta Pickup Summon Banner today but I didn't get any single 5 star Prism Soul Carta. Can you guys check it out for me please ? Here is my ID: bylg973dpb6. Sorry but I forgot to take a screenshot.

9% rate Soul Carta Pickup Summon bug
Ramzess Ramzess
LV.2 Lurker 2years

linked and unliked accounts...

problem with link account
i was log with line login.. and google, but couldnt login with facebook
THEN on facebook people told me to try another facebook account (fake one) and it works.. seems like line login just gone.. but i wanted to be MY facebook, not the fake one...so i unliked (delete from the fake facebook the app) and then tried again to put my facebook, but i always get this message:
another account is already linked to the game...
so i was getting this message even before trying change for the first time..
there is any support in this game?
or u guys can help?
Before changind to fake facebook account:
after changed and trying to put on my original facebook:

linked and unliked accounts... +1
linked and unliked accounts...
Bubblegum Bubblegum
LV.13 I Love Food 2years

Name Display Problem?

This isn't meant to be here!
To be clear, I have updated my game to apply the display patch yesterday.

Name Display Problem?
Name Display Problem?
darling darling
LV.5 Parasite 2years

Google Play login issue on Galaxy S10+ with Android 10

The game just get stuck on the main screen after tapping on log in with Google Play. Works fine on my other devices but completely broken on the S10+.

Google Play login issue on Galaxy S10+ with Android 10
VasSanctMachina VasSanctMachina
LV.12 Chief 2years

Sorting on Childs page not working

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10
OS: One UI version 1.1

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to the Childs screen
2. Select Filter & Sort tool
3. Choose Sort screen
4. Make a sorting selection
-- Example: Sort by name
5. Click Confirm

Expected result: character list will display in alphabetical order

Actual result: Characters stay in the same order as default. The result is the same no matter what you select.

Sorting on Childs page not working
Sorting on Childs page not working
gamer649903109 gamer649903109
LV.1 Mootie 2years

Google login down again!

I have a second account using google and I’m unable to login. Please update us on why this bug occurs during an event.

Google login down again!
Bobby Long Bobby Long
LV.7 Nomad 2years

Can't post images

Comments in the event pages don't get shown if an image is attached. Attaching an image after posting a comment makes the comment disappear. This makes screenshots impossible to share directly for the Lucky Number Event.
Edit: There's an update from the mod: this only affects desktop users. Post your comment and picture from mobile instead.

Can't post images
ChaoIZ ChaoIZ
LV.6 Nomad 2years