Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion
Jan 3, 2022, 06:40 PM 717 read

Can you fix the bug with this WB?


The boss sometimes acts also under the effect of electrocution from Juno and here you can see the results from that: She kill 2 child in the front and keep damaging others with drive and slide, meanwhile Juno land his electrocution effect (slide).

DESTINY CHILD: BUGS & REPORT - Can you fix the bug with this WB? image 2
DESTINY CHILD: BUGS & REPORT - Can you fix the bug with this WB? image 3

My team reached 300 million damage few times and an average of 200/240 millions, I was not expecting that 150M score and I didn’t like it.

DESTINY CHILD: BUGS & REPORT - Can you fix the bug with this WB? image 5

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  • DoS LV.13 Titan Jan 3, 2022, 07:09 PM

    It's not a doesn't mean that if you have electrocution applied her gauge will the description... it specifically says that there is a chance to remove Skill Gauge but it's not 100% of the time...

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Jan 3, 2022, 07:28 PM

    I know that when the gauge reached 100% she will use the drive no matter what.

    I was referring that while under the electrocution effect the boss will use the slide and apply the debuff on the team (freeze, bomb etc) when instead she should be stunned…

    and a part from that she sometimes will glitch her defense buff that will last for the whole battle. (more rarely)

  • DoS LV.13 Titan Jan 3, 2022, 07:31 PM

    the skill gauge part refers to all her skills not just drive...

  • Oxytocin LV.20 S Jan 4, 2022, 01:47 AM

    I saw nicole acting after electrocuted many times.
    here's my thoughts: you need to hit her to stop her acting when electrocution on. If everyone is in CD right after the debuff lands, she is still able to do something until hit by tons of attacks.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jan 3, 2022, 08:11 PM

    Your Juno needs some debuff accuracy it seems.

    In my case the boss can't get past 18% drive gauge 90% of the time, and she never hit me with a drive skill ever. (No Babel in party)

    I have Juno +5 no ignition. The headphones have an SS upgrade on those headphones for 20% Debuff Accuracy, maybe it's more than enough.

    That being said I find this game is odd when it comes to how we'd expect a WB party to perform after upgrading a member, especially attackers.

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Jan 3, 2022, 09:41 PM

    My Juno use the carta and option in the accessory that bust debuff accuracy, plus is max slide skill and +6.. so the accuracy isn’t the problem. Idk.

  • Tony Li LV.12 Chief Jan 3, 2022, 11:22 PM

    I only have 31% increase accuracy debuff on Juno level 60+4 at macslide skill. it had never happened to me. once in a blue her drive gauge will reach over 80% and might kill one child but 99%of the time her drive guage freeze at 18-20%. And she just frozen and never acts. Putting on Juno in the back ensures he will slide on first turn

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Jan 4, 2022, 12:39 AM

    My Juno is in the back, he is in the 5* spot (1* to 4* spot there is Lupin and 3x attackers).

  • jabami LV.11 Chief Jan 4, 2022, 01:29 AM

    Watch them nerf juno since his skill is obviously a part of the "bug" maybe causing it and people are complaining about it. Itd be funny if they did that

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jan 4, 2022, 09:29 PM

    Okay so yesterday while I was taking a shit I set my device to split screen DC and youtube when suddenly the boss managed to kill my whole party.

    From the time 2 members died I watched in horror as the boss seemed to ignore electrocution.

    I reckon the odds of this happening to me is very low. Maybe my device had too much going on when it happened.

  • IcyLin LV.21 Sharpshooter Jan 4, 2022, 08:19 AM

    Sometimes(like 1 run of 20-30) she's able somehow(probably rng not proc on electrocution) use that nasty shield, but for me she never use anything except it.

  • DIB Gaming LV.21 S Jan 5, 2022, 07:21 PM

    at first I thought it was an issue too but yes sometimes she just gets the upper hand beginning what mine sometimes does I can't even the check for the first 10 seconds of the battle and allows her to take out two units sometimes more

  • DIB Gaming LV.21 S Jan 5, 2022, 07:21 PM

    but it's not a glitch it's just how she is on the guide that's on the Chinese server it actually explains that she's able to do that