Chillymyster LV.2 Lurker
May 31, 2019, 02:37 AM 1,036 read

Spent at least 24k crystals


I got 1 Kazumi and 2 Marie Roses. Unfortunately no Honoka for me :( 2 rounds of summoning. Got my 1st Marie rose on Step 2. How about you guys?

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  • [MMOSLASH] Solanor LV.17 Let’s play Destiny! May 31, 2019, 02:39 AM

    Used 25K crystals got Hades and Honoka... lol

  • Shyenth LV.7 Dream Chaser May 31, 2019, 02:45 AM

    I'm in the same boat except it was 67k and only 1 Marie Rose.... I used up all my gacha luck 6+ing Dark Maat.. At least we get a free Kasumi and Marie Rose anyways. Hopefully I can pull a Honoka before the event ends

  • MinaNeo LV.18 Nightmare May 31, 2019, 03:05 AM

    Careful! We are getting a costume for Marie Rose, not the child.

  • Shyenth LV.7 Dream Chaser May 31, 2019, 03:08 AM

    Oh really? I guess that's good that I managed to pull one from the step up then x.x

  • Chillymyster LV.2 Lurker May 31, 2019, 02:40 AM

    Not bad. I also forgot to mention I did end up getting Pantheon as well.

  • Chillymyster LV.2 Lurker May 31, 2019, 02:53 AM

    I guess the rates for Marie rose are more generous for us than Honoka. Lol.

  • Seishin LV.6 Nomad May 31, 2019, 02:56 AM

    I spent 55K got Mars and Honoka :(

  • LemonDr0p LV.21 Dragon May 31, 2019, 03:29 AM

    Wow, you are very LUCKY!

  • Kayserend LV.6 Nomad May 31, 2019, 06:22 AM

    I used around the same and got 2 honokas, a diablo and a nadias (or whatever her name is, is that support that likes to drown hot guys).
    I'm happy you got 3 of them :)

  • Foreverzero LV.19 Assassin May 31, 2019, 04:21 AM

    About 25k for Diablo and Honoka.

  • LoboAlpha LV.3 Lurker May 31, 2019, 05:00 AM

    Oh well...... ...... .... spent all my crystals (57K) to get 2 M. Roses. At least got some other good stuff in the process lol

  • ZaneBW LV.7 Nomad May 31, 2019, 05:42 AM

    Got two Kasumi in around 24k and nothing else. :( Just gonna save for Krampus now. I only wanted Marie but oh well.

  • Chillymyster LV.2 Lurker May 31, 2019, 06:31 AM

    Thanks! Hopefully, the luck continues after I'm done collecting enough crystals. That way, I have a better chance at getting Honoka.

  • Otakuman706 LV.20 Insomniac May 31, 2019, 07:56 AM

    On step 6 and nothing yet, no 5*s at all.
    I'm really hoping to get Rose, and it'd be nice to get a Honoka. Seems this collab is gonna be eatin up my crystals for a bit.
    Good luck to everyone, hope ya get who ya want/need.

  • Mmiayiuckoi LV.8 Nomad May 31, 2019, 09:31 AM

    I got Hestia and Midas...but on Step 6 I finally got Honoka <3 who I was aiming for...Then I tried to go through a second loop for Marie but no luck but I did get Maat <3...3rd loop, nothing...can't spend anymore though. Gotta save!

  • LemonDr0p LV.21 Dragon Jun 1, 2019, 12:22 AM

    43+ crystals and got two Marie. Going to keep trying for Honoka.