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Possible Team 3

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So here's a team 3 I made, I usually makes these for fun, and not for PVP. Why? Cause I dont to want follow the meta. Rather have fun with creating teams. ☠Leader: Neamhain (Dark Debuffer)☠

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I decided Neamhain's leader skill, -15% ATK for all enemies would be a decent choice. Cause I want the entire team to benefit from it. Also a lot of her skills, decreases damage. Along with that Neamhain's Stormy Night is dealing 1253 to 1 enemy (Highest ATK) and ATK -10.4% for 6 seconds. With the leader buff that's about -25.4 Her Demonic Fever deals 1678, to 2 enemies (Highest ATK) and for 12 seconds ATK -721 and CRT rate - 26.2%. With the leader buff the attack should be about -15.72% Finally Neamhain's Drive Skill I Hate You, deals 4755 to 2 Enemies (Lowest ATK). Drived Gauge -5%, and ATK -30% for 16 seconds. With the leader buff that's probably about -45%. 🛐Preacher Dana (Light Defender)🛐

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Dana's Light Reflector, deals 560 damage and she gains a Debuff Immunity for 3 seconds. Her Saint's Blessings deals 851, gains Barrier for 14 seconds (absorbs 1400 damage), and Defense +35% to all allies. Baptism of the Goddess, deals 2254 to 2 random enemies and +30% Defense to all allies against Drive Skill damage for 15 seconds. 🌊Rusalka (Water Healer) 🌊

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Mermaid Tears heals 309 for 2 Allies (Priority Lowest HP) Rusalka's Phantom Sea, Grant's Immortal for 10 seconds and Regeneration 4% +35 (per 2 seconds) for 8 seconds for 2 allies. Quiet Overture, heals 20% +151 HP for 3 Allies grants Immortal for 14 seconds. 🔥Hestia (Fire Attacker)🔥

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Hestia's Burn Edge, Deals 1710 damage to 1 enemy (Priority Lowest HP). BONUS damage 218 on Wood Type. Titanic Magma deals 2226 damage to 2 enemies, adds Blood DOT for 173 (every 2 seconds) for 12 seconds. BONUS damage on Debuffers for 157 Furnace Flare, deals damage to all enemies. 🌲Epona (Wood Supporter)🌲

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Dance of the Verdant Tempest, deals 520 damage and Defense +20. 2 Allies gain Debuff evasive +15% (lowest Hp) for 10 sec Ambush grants Barrier (absorbs +1800) to 3 Allies (Lowest HP) and Vampirism (15% recover on attack for 22 seconds) Infernal Thorns, deals 2212 damage to 2 random enemies. 3 Allies (lowest HP) grain Defense of +35% and +2000 Barrier for 25 seconds. Welp that's pretty the team skills, it sounds like a solid team. Giving that I want this team to have a lot of survivability, but like said I made for fun.

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Comment 3

  • CRBY LV.19 Sage Sep 16, 2019, 10:04 AM

    Nice write-up. So you´re pratically implementing your favorite waifus into your teams. Makes sense. Also, didn´t know Neamheim´s Leader Skill is so good. She´ll get a 5* version soon or later.

  • ⓚⓘⓘⓒⓗⓘⓖⓞ LV.22 Insomniac Sep 16, 2019, 10:08 AM

    Eeeh, I'd say it's descent I usually try to find a leader that can benefit the whole team. Without it being only to one element.

  • CRBY LV.19 Sage Sep 17, 2019, 10:21 AM

    its not decent, its one of the best leader skills.