Yamantaka LV.8 Bamboozled
Oct 7, 2019, 03:06 PM 782 read



So I pulled from the new banner and got Morgan which initially surprised me since I didn't know every child was available (is she any good? ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯) But I also pulled this apparent 4*. I have every 4* so this confused me and when I double checked, it's a 3* child??? What's going ooooon??? \(◎o◎)/

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  • NO NAME verified Oct 7, 2019, 03:09 PM

    Grats on Morgan, I love her! ❤
    Hmmm... 🤔 more funny stuff with this banner. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  • Yamantaka LV.8 Bamboozled Oct 7, 2019, 03:12 PM

    Yeah, I've seen the other post about pulls on this banner and it makes me hesitate to pull from it but it's an opportunity to finally get the one child I desire in this game! Werewolf!!! But Catherine Collab soon! (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

  • Chlobsy LV.26 Rare Candy Oct 7, 2019, 07:06 PM

    It’s a fake 4*. Does that mean they have fake 5* out there too?

  • BlueWolf LV.13 Chief Oct 7, 2019, 04:30 PM

    wait, isnt bremen 3*? lmao

  • Shuten LV.20 Dragon Oct 7, 2019, 05:37 PM

    Yo, i was cofused as you before then i was thinking "If thats 4 star, isnt that mean i can get more onyx!?" Then like "Yo i can use that for envovling my Aurora Heart to 5 star Ayy LMAO !!!" so like that, i need gold now lol XD.

    ps : i got Moa, Verdelet and Bikini Lisa in 5 pull, looks bad because only 3, but each 3 is good imo, especially Bikini Lisa, just put her at level 1 in wb because drive, my dmg each wb increased around 200-250k lul, almost react 2,5m. ( and i really glad i got it, i love this ver of her, i love the original too :3 )

  • Shuten LV.20 Dragon Oct 7, 2019, 05:40 PM

    but maybe its from the 10th pull where its supposed to guarantee 4 star, and you get 3 star but when you check its 3 star as 4 star.

  • Ivy Felissa LV.24 Genius Oct 7, 2019, 11:39 PM

    That's originally 3* childs..
    She is kinda like the lower version of olga, but i'd rather not invest in her cause if u play long enough, like for months, u will eventually get him
    And 3* is low in stats, so u would better not use bremen if u can