Migaruke LV.20 Insomniac
Oct 7, 2019, 09:17 PM 1,057 read

2000 Crystals for Everyone!


(人 •͈ᴗ•͈) ufufufufu

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - 2000 Crystals for Everyone!  image 2

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  • eric99zhao LV.12 Chief Oct 7, 2019, 09:26 PM

    What only 2000 crystal and 4-5* SUMMON TICKETS, once summon cost 2700 crystal

  • Migaruke LV.20 Insomniac Oct 7, 2019, 09:29 PM

    They are compensating the fact that they forgot to code in the the last summon position to be at least a 4* unit. It doesn't affect the 5* rate so I think it's a pretty fair compensation. (No one really cares that much for 4* in this game)

    Also I never pulled so it's free crystals for me~~~~

  • NO NAME verified Oct 7, 2019, 09:30 PM

    How much do you value 6x4-5* tickets then?

  • Migaruke LV.20 Insomniac Oct 7, 2019, 09:37 PM

    For me not much, since, as a collector, I already have all 5* units from the normal summon pool. It would be a different story if the semi-limited childs were in there too.

  • BadMelody LV.21 Professional Noob Oct 7, 2019, 10:34 PM

    This seems pretty fair. You could only do six pulls today, so it would make sense that they would give you 6 tickets for a chance at a 4*, the 2k crystals and the chance at a 5* are just their way of apologizing.

    I would value a 4-5* ticket probably around the same as I value an actual 4* unit, which is very low.

  • Branze LV.7 Nomad Oct 7, 2019, 11:15 PM

    Honestly, I feel sorry for the people who pull the banner more than once . I didn’t pull any myself cause IT IS A TRAP. 😂

  • Spok1 LV.6 Nomad Oct 8, 2019, 06:40 AM

    Im thankful for yall missfortune :D

  • Atreides LV.20 S Oct 8, 2019, 10:02 AM

    Not nearly enough.

  • Cute ฅ( ̳• ◡ • ̳)ฅ LV.29 Legend Oct 7, 2019, 09:22 PM

    not bad

  • [MMOSLASH] Solanor LV.17 Let’s play Destiny! Oct 8, 2019, 04:05 PM

    not enough at all