jff LV.24 Boo!
Jan 3, 2020, 10:21 AM 308 read

Question about house of reincarnation


I want to ask why my 5 star child that evolved from 4 star child is not in the list of sacrifice in oversoul option?

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  • BlueWolf LV.13 Chief Jan 3, 2020, 10:36 AM

    You can only use natural 5 stars childs for oversoul, it says it right there.
    However, in the Metamorphosis option you can use any base rarity child as long as you take them to level 60... (wich means technically you can evolve your 4* to 6* and max them on level to use them in metamorphosis) but thats a lot of investment imo.

  • jff LV.24 Boo! Jan 3, 2020, 10:37 AM


  • Zombie Dane LV.27 Team Rocket Jan 3, 2020, 06:52 PM

    any * as long as you get them to lvl 60.

    if your like me with out many maxed capped childs i recommend doing that. ill lvl a ton of 4* to 40 then evolve them to 5* then take those 5* to make 6* , I've been doing this for awhile now just so i had some fodder to make 6* . all it takes is patience and alot of gold no other resources needed.

  • Zombie Dane LV.27 Team Rocket Jan 3, 2020, 06:54 PM

    oh yeah forgot to add if you're doing the last option, make sure you don't uncap them.