Kara Sol Stay Calm LV.20 Supersonic
Jul 9, 2020, 11:18 PM 328 read

Intermission Ch. 1 drops and missions


Lisa's Mission Pass with crafting materials rewards (the one essentially asking for 10k stamina for full 400 clears) does count Intermission Chapter 1 story dungeons as its Chapter 2 story dungeons. The "Intermission Ch. 1 - part IV. Wailing Black - Stage 7 Cocoon of Return" joins the previously discovered eyebrow-raising list of dungeons dropping four-star equipment. It's the same armor piece as in the similar dungeons (2-2-2-3, 2-3-2-3, 2-4-2-3), the fact not dissuading the suspicion that it is all a bug. Though ALL previous Chapter 2 dungeons now list crafting materials in place of equipment drops, I would assume previous equipment loot is still there too, the same as before the Intermission introduction. "Stage 7 Cocoon of Return" drops water evolution crystals. Which doesn't overlap with the aforementioned Ch.2 dungeons (dark, light and wood). "Stage 8 Awakened Davi" drops fire evolution crystals ๐Ÿ˜. But I've had a three-star armor drop there as well. So far I've yet to check II-3 for what accompanies the fire crystals there, but no new mission had randomly dropped me a four-star weapon or accessory so far. No clear-cut way to double down on enhancement of those equipment types yet. (Edit: II-3 dropped a b-grade three-star weapon, leaving fire as the only type of crystal that doesn't drop in a same dungeon as four-star equipment) The story is a complete repetition of the respective Ragna Story (more stamina cost, less difficulty than expected for Ch.2, I think). At least in the Night World Replay Scenario Bar the story is not listed twice.

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  • Gramamanamanees LV.19 Sage Jul 10, 2020, 12:07 AM

    It also drops equipment option materials, which are pretty important.

  • Ravenous LV.23 Titan Jul 10, 2020, 12:27 AM

    You can get those from the entirety of Chapter 2. I got suspicious ores earlier from 4-4 which is what I do daily to complete the 0/10 objective from Lisa's tasks. It was also mentioned in the update notes.

  • Kara Sol Stay Calm LV.20 Supersonic Jul 10, 2020, 09:35 AM

    And you can't at a glance tell what equipment drops at a given chapter 2 dungeon now. Which was it? The 2-2-4-4? The one with the red crystals and accessories as loot? Only crafting material is shown on the list.

    Also funny, how the odd four-star armor piece keeps showing up in the 7th dungeon of each of the last four sub-chapters.

  • Kara Sol Stay Calm LV.20 Supersonic Jul 11, 2020, 08:40 PM

    Had a weird day with equips not dropping in the old 2nd chapter dungeons. Continued testing proves that equips are still there.