Krampusocks LV.15 Shadow
Jul 20, 2020, 07:21 AM 538 read

What is the best way to spend my time daily on this game?


I’ve recently been playing more seriously and been trying to figure out the best things to to every day. What are some of the things I should be doing every day to ensure I am getting the most out of the game? Things like labyrinth and rumble? Just not sure how to best address this. Does anyone have a good list?

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  • Agralis LV.20 Rare Candy Jul 20, 2020, 07:59 AM

    -daily missions (lisa and devil pass)
    -dungeons (slime, gold, evole material)
    -exploring (use 2* child. u will get 20crystals for each max lvl unit)
    -labyrinth whatever stage u can clear
    -devil rumble ("free" crystals)

    -spa units u know u will use (for example pvp, attackers for
    ragna/wb,...); remember that costs towels, so dont 'waste' it

    -dont hor (house of reincarnation) unless u are 100% sure u
    wont need the sacrifice anymore. I would only use units u
    already have at +6 or u might regret it later. But if u rly want to, remember to always, always keep at least one copy of a child.

    -friend battle is somethign u can do, but unless u run out of
    stamina everyday its not worth the effort imo

  • Krampusocks LV.15 Shadow Jul 20, 2020, 03:46 PM

    Would you mind elaborating on the 2* exploration part and the crystals?

  • gamer913238632 LV.5 Lurker Jul 20, 2020, 07:05 PM

    Allow me.

    So in the Night World you can send your childs out on explorations to earn experience. The first exploration area unlocks once you reach Candidate level 9, and the other 4 areas will unlock gradually once you reach Candidate levels 12, 18, 22, and 30.

    You must have a minimum of 5 childs to go on a single exploration, but you can have up to 5 explorations going on at once by the time you've unlocked all exploration areas (25 childs exploring all at once.)

    Anyway, once you've picked your 5 childs, you then pick a duration of time to go exploring (12 hrs, 6 hrs, 3 hrs, or 1 hr). Upon returning from the exploration, after whatever amount of time was chosen, your childs will gain a set amount of experience.

    Once any child gains enough experience, it'll reach its max level, and you'll be rewarded with crystals. We use the exploration function to farm crystals by sending 2* childs out to explore with the intention of maxing their levels out as often as possible because crystals are a super valuable currency for the game.

    We take 5 level one 2* childs and send them out on an exploration for 12 hrs, then 6 hrs, and finally 1 hr (they don't have to be in that exact order, but I like to use this order as it's easy to keep track of things this way). Their levels will gradually rise by a set amount with each exploration until they finally max out. You'll get crystals from that, and then, as a bonus, you can extract onyx from the newly maxed out 2* childs. You'll also get some items for completing each exploration as icing on the cake.

    I like to obtain my 2* childs from 8-3, stage 1 in the story mode. Upon completing the stage, you may be rewarded with a 2* child. Others may prefer to get their childs from different stages or gold summons. The above is just my preferred method, and you may have to play for a while before this is possible. (Keep an eye on your stamina when farming 2* childs to use in exploration. Also, be sure to keep the Hot Time event in mind to maximize overall efficiency.)

    Pft. I wrote all this and then realized someone had already elaborated a bit more. I'm going to post it anyway since I already went through the trouble. lol

    May the RNG be forever on your side.

  • Q_Roi LV.22 Link Jul 20, 2020, 07:44 AM

    ..if possible do all friend match daily
    ..find a way to do reincarnation faster spa (minimum 1 child) 2star exploring
    ..awaken everyone unlock all
    ..make your own challenges & improve
    ..enjoy the game as much as possible

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jul 20, 2020, 04:32 PM

    Complete Lisa's daily tasks.

    For Underground if you have 4 strong attackers send them with Maat on hard. Frej in particular is really good for underground. Use his drive skill every other round, he'll wipe them out, then later on he'll damn near wipe them out. Frej is King in Underground. ( Dark Frej )

    Also for Underground, turn on repeat so you won't have to see the gate animation between rounds.

    For the Spa, I personally occupy up 3 areas, mainly because it's less towel consumption that way, and Midnight Parade is such a dull task, especially when we're forced to go in manually.

    Do NOT use Gold Summon everyday, you'll spend more than you make and won't be able to afford anything. That and what we get for almost 1 million gold is sad, and not worth the ultra rare 5☆ we get from it.

    ☆☆☆☆Collect 25 of the 2☆ childs

    Put all of them in Exploration for 19 hours. That is = 12 hours 6 hourd and 1 hour in any order....The twentyfive 2☆ childs will reach lv 20 and each will send 20 crystals to your mailbox for a total of 500 crystsls. If you grind enough you can do this everyday.

    If your stamina is low cut back on the grinding and midnight parade.

    Manage your inventory and other spaces. gridlock will obstruct your progress. Increase these spaces only when you can't make room.

    All of the 5☆ summon tickets and Soul Carta summons you got, hold them for now, and spend them during the next event, for a chance to get the new childs and SC.

    Important = Play manually in PvP and Labyrinth.

    Know exactly what your childs do. You want your childs to do this and not that, so control them. When a raid comes around you'll do the best you can do with what you have.

    When you get your feet wet playing manually, play at x1 speed.

    x2 speed I personally recommed unless the battle is all swipe.

    Use auto for grinding but do play manually for practice.

    If you're not all that strong yet, just pace yourself and know you'll kill raids in the future.

    For raids ( Ragna breaks ) You will see bosses discovered by your friends, do not attack it unless your friend strikes first.

    For your own raids ( Ragna is called raids okay ) As you know the boss will get harder every level. When the boss gives you a hard time, just fight it once, then call for help. If you use multiple tickets on the same boss you'll end up with less.

    If you secure 51% of the raid boss's damage you'll get first place among all who participated in the battle. In any case don't blow multiple tickets on 1 battle.

    In raids use the boosters. We get 10 of them a day. It's best to use them on raids you discovered or summoned from raid shop.

    Save crystals as much as you can. The game is much harder when we first start off, but what doesn't change are how rare and valuable crystals are. In my case the current banners aren't much use to me, so I'll wait till next banners. In your game you should too cause the new child is coming.

    Must have childs..... Maybe in another post, I have no problem writing about this again, but there's a lot to digest from your thread already and I'm yapping a lot.

    In the image you see a 4☆ Aurora Heart. They come at level 40 and ready to evolve, so no need to level them. Evolve them to 5☆ and use them for when you want another child evolved to 6☆.

    To be clear, we use five 5☆ childs to evolve a child to 6☆ Do it with the Aurora Hearts and your child collection will flourish nicely.

    It's not just the daily routines, but it's the planning and preparation for coming events that'll make you win. It's a matter of when and who you blow your resources on. For example if tomorrow is ragna break and you blow away your crystals and onyx, then you're not getting the new child on day 1, unless you pay a retardedly high price via credit card. So be prepared for next weekend and save all week, of course it would have been better to save sooner. Everything you get save it for next time, then you start to win more.

  • Mr. Gallo LV.17 Sage Jul 20, 2020, 10:27 AM

    My daily schedule: 5 Devil Rumble fights; 5 Rebirth Labyrinth fights; Clear Enhancement/Gold/Evolution dungeons; Clear Underground on hard; Play 10 story dungeons (I usually play on 1-1 to save stamina); Upgrade 1 equipment, 1 child skill and extract onyx. Along the day, fight on Devil Rumble to complete the missions, farm crystals on Exploration and fight on Ragna Break/World Boss/Narrative Dungeon. The stamina saved on weekdays are usefully spent by farming EXP on story dungeons (usually on chapter 2, 2-4).

  • Kara Sol Stay Calm LV.20 Supersonic Jul 20, 2020, 04:42 PM

    Have you cleared the story available so far? Do you have all your Childs at max xp?
    Whatever the case, I _don't_ recommend (to myself):
    - telling other people how to play,
    - playing manual battles,
    - doing friendly devil rumbles,
    - doing 1-hour-long explorations,
    - considering the Hestia's derrière not being the reason enough for uncensored patch overwhelming superiority,
    - doing devil rumble and checking its shop _on cooldown_,
    - grabbing the 1.5-hourly coins from Childs in Spa,
    - buying shop items, incl. Devil Passes and respective Mission Pass stuff for real money,
    - believing in rng benevolence,
    - sharing an account between platforms or people.

    Each point brings its own benefits, but let others chase them.