BooolZay LV.10 Nomad
Oct 21, 2020, 10:20 AM 206 read

Why does this happen?


On practice mode my team does 3m+ damage and in actual raid the whole team does why does this happen?

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Why does this happen? image 2
DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Why does this happen? image 3

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  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Oct 21, 2020, 10:42 AM

    Regarding practice mode vs real WB, I thinks is all cause by RNG... sometimes go right sometimes this happen (mainly when the boss target the same childs multiple times instead of many in the front).

    The only way to fight RNG is to make the team stronger, at least in the front with your best defensive gear, tank healers etc..

  • Dadai LV.12 Chief Oct 22, 2020, 07:06 AM

    What is RNG i saw this many times in comments !!

  • Biska LV.22 Epic Oct 21, 2020, 05:02 PM

    This one with the stuns is super RNG. Thankfully no one from my front team dies but my dmg varies between -+2 million. Try keeping your healers in the back row

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Oct 22, 2020, 07:08 AM

    It means Random number generator.