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Thoughts On A Dedicated PC Client~?

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Good afternoon, everyone. ๐Ÿค I hope you're enjoying the DOAXVV Collab so far, and that your summons are treating you well. I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on a dedicated PC client for DC Global. The Korean release hasn't one, but the Japanese release has had one for quite some time. Though, I know the potential for us receiving one as well is likely low... I still wanted to hear everyone's opinion! My PC runs the DMM client smoothly, with an amazingly sharp and eye-catching resolution. I've yet to endure any lag from running it. It runs more efficiently than any emulators I've tried, to include LDPlayer, Bluestacks, Nox, and MeMu. I'm sure that emulators can stack up well with the right specs, but I don't own a gaming PC, and I can run a PC client without any problems. โ™ก Here are my PC's specs: DELL INSPIRON 3583 Processor: Intel Core i3-8145U CPU @ 2.10GHz/2.30GHz RAM: 8.00GB System: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor Thank you to HekateFu for their post on this topic. ๐Ÿค

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Would you like a PC client for DC Global~?

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  • I prefer to use an emulator. 1
  • I prefer the original mobile release. 3
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I hope everyone continues to enjoy the DOAXVV Collab event. Have an amazing day. โ™ก

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  • Lintaur LV.16 Sage Oct 25, 2020, 05:56 AM

    I'd really enjoy a PC client. I know I sound like a broken record. But maybe the PC client could be the true uncensored version.

    While I enjoy playing the game on my phone, I'd rather play it on PC in 4K given it's amazing artwork.

  • Ravenous LV.23 Titan Oct 25, 2020, 07:32 AM

    Well, Steam literally hosts porn nowadays so if they still censored such a port then it would be the localization team and their moral standards to blame and not the platform's content policies.

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Oct 25, 2020, 06:09 AM

    A PC client would be awesome, but if there will be one I will use it only in some cases (as Narrative Dangeon, Weekend 2X exp etc) because running it on a mobile phone is more convenient and faster to do.

  • Kelerher LV.17 Sage Oct 25, 2020, 08:35 AM

    PC version of DC would be a nice option to have. It's surely more powerful and stable, so players could avoid any issues with performance and also enjoy wider screens. And if you are already working/spending free time at your PC why not open the game on the background and finish some activities on [semi-]auto mode, instead of terrorizing mobile battery yet again. :D

    Though personally I feel kinda indifferent. I can't label myself as an extremely active player who's grinding on each event and lacks any free stamina. It's rather otherwise... Most of the time when I login - is on the way to/from work, during supper or just before sleep. And my phone seems decent, lags or stutters are not so problematic recently after devs have released dedicated patches on improving performance of the game. Thus, PC version is not much relevant to me.
    But it's just me. :)

    Nice gif by the way. :3