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Anyone got any tips for getting stronger? And also getting more Gold and Onyx? My summon luck seems to be lacking and I'm always running low on Onyx and Gold. Is there a good way to get more materials or do I just need to stop spending and save for a while?

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  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Nov 28, 2020, 01:01 PM

    Prioritize WB units. Most of them are wood units.

    In no particular order

    Wood Bathory
    Rookie Mona ( wb and raid )
    Sunbeach Mona
    Sytry ( light )
    Werewolf ( light )
    Pantheon ( WB and Raids)

    Durandal ( not so much but good to have done )

    There are others I'm not mentioning, but every high dmg WBvparty has everyone above ( Durandal and others sometimes but moving forward probably not considering the new unit being a key wb member.

    Important = Only invest onyx in the skills you'll use. For example for Maat, only put onyx in her slide skill and leave the rest.

    WB attackers are usually comprised of the strongest attackers and they are also good in raids.

    Know which attackers are tappers. Thanatos for example will hit 4 times with his tap skill, so for units like him only invest onyx into his tap.

    The tappers ( as we might call them ) Do not suffer from cooldown. They will strike and immediately start charging for the next attack.

    If you need a list of these speedy attackers just ask.

    If you're not very strong for WB, I'd recommend just making due with what you have and refrain from dumping onyx in an effort to do significantly better. In this case focus on the future or next event. Or else you'll spend off resources on an event and have less for the next.

    If you're new it will be some time before you're powerful.

    Gold Summon will make you broke, never using it is better, but it's okay to do once in awhile.

    It's nice to have a fat stack of 5☆ tickets, but use them if you can afford to handle another 5☆ child. Lest you'll get less done.

    When you see red crystals up for grabs in the Rumble Shop. You might want to get them. We often suffer a shortage of these.

    The 4☆ Aurora Heart. Evolve them to 5☆ and only use Aurora hearts to evolve units to 6☆. Sometimes we obtain the 5☆ Aurora heart so be glad when you do.

    Spending crystals... This is debatable but we often like to do this in bigger sessions. There will come a day were banners are almost useless to you until a new unit is up.

    Watch this now....

    This WB I blew away many crystals and only got 1 copy of the new Giltine child. ( I'm resentful about that )

    Got her to lv. 60, maxed out her slide for her low cap....

    The image below is my highest score, which brings us to my next point.

    - Know when to stop summoning

    I would have been better off just collecting crystals for the next event cause I'm quite strong thanks to the rest of the party being done up.

    Weapons. = Q. Dlask... Bari's Fan

    They have the highest CRT/ATK

    CRT/ATK for attackers and healers. But also good for weakpoint damage.

    Weakpoint damage is the elemental damage. This WB is fire so it's weakpoint is water. That being said all water units, including the supporters and debuffers, are set up with ATK/CRT weapons and SC.

    So in short. Save it for next time when you're not doing so hot. Eventually you'll be able to make that difference when you're units are just about done, but stay reserved.

    There's more to say about which units are keepers. Personally I keep them all ( missing 5 collabs ) but I've been here since the beginning. I understand there is a better strategy to raising yourself these days, like using Mammon or some other useless childs as fodder on your way up. In my case there are only 4 childs I never raised, and I never needed them. They are Mammon, A.i., Redcross, Diablo. I just keep 1 copy of them.

    Lock whatever units and gear you intend to keep.

    2☆ childs. Collect 25 of them and send them to expidetion for 12, 6, 1 hour. in any order. They will cap at lv. 20 and you'll make 500 crystals ( daily if you're persistent with this )

    This crafting event. Use all of your crafting materials before it's over. Save A class options and move onto something else in anticipation for S option.

    We can move options over to other items that are alike. Weapon to weapon, armor to armor, accessory etc. So it's okay if you have to craft of a crappy piece of gear.

    SC.... Personally I only level it if it's a prism.

    leveling these are cheaper the higher the ☆ is. B or C grade fodder is fine. 1 or 2 ☆ fodder is too insignificant so sell those instead.

    Maybe I'll tell you about SC, but if you look around you'll find me simplifying this.

  • LogicPrototype LV.8 Nomad Nov 28, 2020, 01:45 PM

    honestly this helps out a lot. I've been playin DC since just after it released internationally but I broke my phone and couldn't play it for the last 2 years so I'm pretty behind now. I messed up with my onyx, leveling up moves I didn't use and the such, and I've been using the gold summon every day (granted it's gotten me a good amount of 5☆ but with my luck lately and how much it's started to drain I'd rather stick with my 9mil for now lol)

  • LogicPrototype LV.8 Nomad Nov 28, 2020, 01:46 PM

    also if you'd mind explaining crafting to me I'd happily take the advice, I've been collecting all this stuff but I didn't know what to do with it

  • LogicPrototype LV.8 Nomad Nov 28, 2020, 01:52 PM

    also also can I just say the only person you listed that I had was Newbie Mona and I just got on, used my daily free summon and pulled

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Nov 28, 2020, 02:17 PM

    Sometimes it feels like we're being watched. ( of course we are, but watched with intervention )


    Red = weapon

    Blue = Armor

    Green = Accessory

    Just so we can identify ^

    - What we need are crafting stoned. Red blue or green. Simple.

    In the image we see at the top suspicious ore.

    Next crafting tool.

    finally convert.

    1 ore and 1 tool = 1 stone.

    See the part that says convert ? we click on that to convert the items to stones. We DO NOT click confirm ( confirm is really exit )

    See the + and - we can set how many stones we want.

    Where it says convert with the gold balance. that itself is the tab we press to make it happen ( not confirm )

    If you try to craft from the view equip screen, your game may freeze and crash. so do this from your child select screen.

    - Each item will have up to 3 slots.
    - How many slots depends on the item being at level 5, 10 or 15.

    We have the item equipped we simply select it and choose a slot. hit roll and you're done.

    Personally I sometimes set auto roll to stop at A grade option, so when it lands on A or S, it will stop rerolling.

    The odds of scoring an S option is 1 in 500. It's very brutal. This crafting event, the odds are 3x better. So blow away all crafting materials if you can.

    converting stones are pricy.

    You can find the convert stones section on your items page at the bottom, or when you select an option slot.

    Personally i prioritize weapons first. Armor and accessory is more of a PvP thing but they might offer options that contribute to damage.

  • Dadai LV.12 Chief Nov 29, 2020, 04:17 AM

    Good to know i thought CRT for attackers and AGL is better for healers, supporters and debuffers

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Nov 29, 2020, 04:52 AM

    Give healer high ATK/CRT and your see bigger light green numbers right away.

    It's more the ATK but when you score a CRT with healer It's even more.

  • LogicPrototype LV.8 Nomad Dec 6, 2020, 05:04 AM

    also I never got to ask, which Midas and Luin? Since there are two of both

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Dec 6, 2020, 06:29 PM


  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Nov 28, 2020, 02:59 PM


    Important to note: Do not attack raids discovered by your friends, unless they attack first. ( We prevent one another from leveling up when we do that, plus we risk being abandoned by the ones we do that to. )

    2ndly. You're unlikely to 1 shot this boss which is fine. Just use 1 ragna ticket on any boss, then call a slayer. ( Slayers are not available until the 2nd day )

    Calling slayers will mean others will come and gang up on the raid boss. The boss will die and you can collect the prize.

    You can spend as many tickets on a boss as you like, but you'll end up doing less bosses that way. So strike the boss, do as much damage as you can, then call a slayer.

    You can call friends too, but that may annoy them, they have a limited supply of time generated tickets too, while the slayers are looking to slay stuff to meet their daily quotas.

    Other times your friends will join in on your battle when they see you've started, that's fine.

    When we help friends, we also collect slayer points.

    But most importantly, do not attack someone's raid before they do.

    During my stay here I've covered this a lot. Once you get the hang of it you'll see that raids are not about the boss, but really your attacker.

    Yes, it's all about a single attacker in your party.

    The entire raid party is all about the attacker, while the other party members are there to support the attacker. Make them stronger and faster.

    Some raids have a twist where the boss will do something to make your party retarded, so 1 of the regulars must go for what is usually a new banner unit that went along side the boss's banner.

    Here is a link to some coverage and footage of what I've done before completing the new attacker.

    In short I used the previous light attacker to beat this boss. If you watch the footage, what matters is what I do before fever time ( 60% gauge ) and that is....

    - tap Cleo and make sure focus is activated. There isn't much time ! moving on>

    When I see the focus symbol appear I drop a fresh layer of buffs and use Neamhain's drive.


    I later uploaded a guide with Bridal Hildr, which wasn't as popular as the Cleo kill. It's a bonus when our current units are able to smash a boss.

    The Raid childs we regularly use are.

    Pantheon - Every raid and WB. His slide skill will buff the 2 with highest ATK ( Who has highest ATK can be modified with gear ) But your attacker/attackers okay. Also, his slide skill is so good, it's better than his drive skill, so never use his drive, ever. Not only will we see a lot of criticals, but he also strengthens the critical.

    Rookie Mona - Better than Chang'e in raids. She offers speed buff and aid. She can also do vampirism but she's rather poor at this. Use only her slide skill then.

    Chang'e - Though this hasn't been happening the last 3 times, whatever the case, she's a keeper for other events. Literally everything, even WB, but she's been slipping in that department too. She's being a filler these days. Still do her up.

    Neptune - She's a raid freak of nature, and still the most decorated of all units I think. We may or may not use her next time. In raids She will grant double edge sword, speed buff, and will heal. If we use her tap skill she will quickly charge, then we can use her slide, and her heal will be more potent. If the timing is right, we can use her drive skill before the boss does, and it will greatly reduce the opponents drive skill damage. It reflects it or something.

    If you have those units done up, then all you'll need to worry about is the attacker. I know them but there's an explanatory image about that somewhere.

    Apparently the next raid will be a fire boss, so this means we'll want to use a water attacker.

    I don't know what the new unit will be yet. ( Maybe I like to find out later or something ) It could be an attacker or supporter.

    In any case, since we can see ahead of time what the next boss will be, we can usually prepare ourselves in advanced.

    The way to prepare ? Just hold onto your resources. For instance, Mafdet ( the water attacker version ) will probably be able to 1 shot this boss.

    In order the attackers that have the best odds of killing this upcoming boss are.

    - ( Insert new guy here )

    - Justice Incarnate Mafdet ( most likely yes )

    - Hopeful Deino ( Doubtful, but will hurt the boss a lot )

    - Thanatos ( Doubtful but will also hurt the boss a lot. )

  • Dadai LV.12 Chief Nov 29, 2020, 04:34 AM

    Important to note: Do not attack raids discovered by your friends, unless they attack first. ( We prevent one another from leveling up when we do that, plus we risk being abandoned by the ones we do that to. ) i didn't know that :( THX
    Is auto attack matter in fever time !

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Nov 29, 2020, 04:59 AM

    Yeah. Say you discovered a raid at level 5. You take your time starting it but you find your boss dead when you go for it. Then you'll need another one if you want to make it to the next level boss.

    Check to see if your friends are fighting their bosses or if they went a round, then it's okay to intervene.

    The goal is still to use 1 ticket per boss.

  • M00N LV.26 Bamboozled Nov 28, 2020, 06:49 PM


  • Danbo de Piano LV.27 Bamboozled Nov 28, 2020, 11:39 AM

    consistent do the dailies
    have a focus ie a particular unit type or element or class , think about broad application. when investing oclnyx early on
    don't feel like you need to puul every new 5
    focus on pvp wins, but nvest in 6 % banner
    onyx chase always
    have fun

  • LogicPrototype LV.8 Nomad Nov 28, 2020, 11:42 AM

    yeah I do the dailies every day (night for me, actually) and I still seem like I never have enough materials for anything. but I agree with needing to focus on one unit at a time, I kept trying to do everything at once. also what's this 6% banner thing?

  • Danbo de Piano LV.27 Bamboozled Nov 28, 2020, 11:47 AM

    double rate summon 1x per day limited banner , unless you really absolutely need to pull onna focus banner , early on spend first 2700 on that one to get a healthy stock of ,5s