Cheesaw LV.20 Assassin
Mar 31, 2021, 10:16 AM 1,272 read

Light Ragna Break


Okay, so the next Ragna Break is on the way, so I'd like to prepare in advance. I know there will be a guide eventually, but I'd just like to know if there's any speculation as far as what unit(s) will be released based on KR or JP. Also any info on the Boss would be great. I'm thinking I'll be using Elizabeth and Pantheon. Probably Newbie Mona. Thoughts?

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  • P. Argonaut LV.22 Insomniac Mar 31, 2021, 11:06 AM

    Looks like JP got:

    Semele, a dark supporter who gives aid and vampirism like Newbie Mona, and also a tap damage boost.

    And Moonlight Artemis, a dark attacker with a strong tap attack.

    Then maybe Neptune, Pantheon and Durandal or Werewolf. Global may be different. I do expect this boss will have high slide attack defense like previous Ragnas. Elizabeth is probably a good choice if you don't go for new Artemis. Her design is amazing, though!


  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Mar 31, 2021, 11:19 AM

    Right, she is one of the top attacker togher with Saturn on JP.

  • Cheesaw LV.20 Assassin Mar 31, 2021, 12:48 PM

    Thicc is Justice!

    That design is awesome, but we'll see if I want to sink the resources into her. My Elizabeth is 60 +6, fully awakened and tap skill maxed, so it would just be a matter of ignition. Seems like only her first ignition level is usable anyway.

  • Pink Ballons LV.21 S Mar 31, 2021, 01:07 PM

    if she does what Br.Hildra does i sure will

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Mar 31, 2021, 11:12 AM

    Seth is on Ricemine (JP) tier list:

    My bet he will have some def buff (or debuff defence) and will deals resonance damage... will see. (I haven't looked for a JP ragna gameplay video, so I might be wrong XD)

    Is a debuffer so a full ignited Khepri can work great (6 slide + bonus vs debuffers), or Mysterious Saturn (4 slide + 50% final blow on fever... +70% if ignited). I thinks boith of them could work better than Elizabeth but if she is your top dark attacker is a good choice as well.

    Extra choice: full ignited Kubaba (6 slide, bonus damage only on WB).

    I'm still not sure which attacker I will choose.

  • Cheesaw LV.20 Assassin Mar 31, 2021, 01:00 PM

    Sounds like you've got a lot of choices! My Saturn is +2, Khepri is +1, and my Kubaba has no uncaps. Lol! My only other +6 dark attacker is Frej.

    If the new Artemis is head and shoulders above Elizabeth I'll *think* about putting some resources into her, but probably not, as I'm usually pretty chill with just doing okay on these events.

    I'll probably slap this ignition crystal on Elizabeth in the mean time...

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Apr 1, 2021, 01:28 AM

    I have full uncaps both Kubaba and Khepri but not max skill yet. My Elizabeth is only +4.

    I have Saturn at +6 max slide, but I donโ€™t know if is worth it to ignite her instead of a 6hit slide child.

    I think I will wait and see if Saturn without ignition can one shot the boss, if not I will check the Top100 (where it counts the timing clearing the boss) and see if I can made the same team.

  • Mad Dog Majima LV.22 Xbox Apr 1, 2021, 01:27 AM

    Depending on the unit(s) releasing on this ragna break, this is what im thinking of so far

  • Mad Dog Majima LV.22 Xbox Apr 1, 2021, 01:28 AM

    If not Werewolf's leader buff, maybe Saturn for final blow damage

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Apr 1, 2021, 01:30 AM

    You could add Neptune for Durandal to get double edge sword and heal... anyway it is interesting. :)

  • Mad Dog Majima LV.22 Xbox Apr 1, 2021, 07:09 AM

    That actually might be better, especially since N. Mona's vampirism isnt really too reliable