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Theoretical max attack


This is a question that comes after finally understanding cores more and better so with ToeKnee's awesome replies to my core question recently which I was glad to ask .. I almost wasted an apparently pretty dope as core So in a previous question ToeKnee helped me with I also came away with a core I had at that time being pretty great too (tho not entirely certain of the how/why but clearly knowing it was valuable attacker stuff ) In a reply to that I had posted the image below showing how I can used it and how I probably misused another core without fully getting the agl deal but not fully regretting it cause now Tamamo is a freaking fire breathing monster The discussion from toeknee explainwd how an attack core would emphasize the first amp value ie at 400 for attack core with amp atk , other amp would be at 300 My question is I noticed it is additive see my hildre below she doesn't have an attack core Her attack is +600 veuxase that was a amp crt amp atk amp attack so the 300's stacked Given this Will an attack core if it was say Amp atk amp atk amp atk Would it boost attack 400+400+400 because it's an attack core so the amp is 400 regardless of placement or does the first amp value receive 400 and the others would receive 300 each Trying to know If that kind of lottery core would yeild attack +1200 or attack + 1000 (I think it's the former) Anyone actually get one of these yet can confirm? It's it a diminishing returns deal like def or does it really just yield a really nasty piece of work when stuck onto one of the already baddy attacker units My question is for understanding cores in general ie if there was a def core with Amp def amp def amp crt If I'd see defense + 400 +400 or +400 + 300 etc

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  • Yen+ LV.11 Chief Sep 16, 2021, 05:27 AM

    First, you cant have a triple AMP ATK core.

    2. How cores are generated: if you are gonna craft/open a core, you cant have the Main stat (the first main AMP stat) as substat (other 2)

    3. The Main Stat gives you (+400 AMP stat)

    4. The substat gives (+300 AMP stat) or (+1500 regular stat) (note, if substat is HP, it gives child +3000HP)

    5. Yes substats stack each other, meaning you can have (+600 AMP stat), or (+3000 regular stat) or (+6000 HP)

    6. the core you had "(Amp def / amp def / amp crt)", you wrote order wrong, the main substat of the core is Amp CRT. So you have (AMP CRT / AMP DEF / AMP DEF), which means as stats (+400 / +300 / +300)

  • Danbo de Piano LV.27 Bamboozled Sep 16, 2021, 06:23 AM

    thanks so much ! totally helps me understand where that 600 on my hildre came from I didn't quite get how it was more than 400 at first :)

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Sep 16, 2021, 07:35 AM

    I wouldn't give my best core to S. Hildr and I'll tell you why.

    She's mainly PvP

    In PvP she's overkill, her targets will die and only targets 2 opponents at a time. She also targets the 2 with lowest HP, whoever it is at the time.

    - Eve
    - Ophois
    - Saturn
    - Tiamat

    Will target 3 opponents and wipe them out too, they are less prone to overkilling their targets, but overkill nonetheless.

    In raids all 4 of these members are beasts granted they have the amplified AGL. My Eve has no amp AGL, which is my I had to use Virupa and Eve together last fire raid.

    S. Hildr is fine, she can self focus. But Bridal Hildr I think is the strongest in Raids, though we'll use her rarely.

    Just some food for thought. I can see your S. Hildr will eat 2 opponents at a time, and take a lot of damage when she hits a reflect tank. Giving her your AGL core will work for you in boss fights, but agsinst you in PvP.

    Edit: I was looking back and realized I had the same core and gave it to S Hildr 😆 It was my only option to beat the raid

    I learned a lot in this thread I made. For what you're looking at it's very insightful. The video shows you how Hildr performed. Also this video only scales on desktop screens, i never scaled it and too lazy to bother uploading it again. Long story short I couldn't beat Arhat until i swapped out the core to this one.