Basillisk LV.3 Lurker
Jul 7, 2020, 07:59 AM 347 read

Im not good in games


How do people get the same 5* child easily? I can barely uncapped 4* child Is there any secret tricks or something? And what is reroll?

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  • Deciden LV.7 Nomad Jul 7, 2020, 09:47 AM

    in the world of gacha games, reroll mostly describes the act of resetting your account or deleting and creating an account as many times as you need to get your desired set of characters at the initial pull of the game, as they mostly give you one or more premium pulls as a present at the start. some games even have the reroll integrated in the game so you dont need workarounds such as the ones i described above.

    the secret is: first you gotta read through guides and tips sections on moot or the google links of your liking when you type in "Destiny child Beginners Guide"

    as a recap, some advices from me: take your time. this kind of game is a Marathon and not a sprint. Manage your Ressources wisely and TAKE YOUR TIME.

    dont put all your crystals and gold in pulls at once. there is time and space for that. like the daily 6% pull is a pretty nice way to build up your roster of 5* Childs. all the other pulls are, simply put, a cash sink. if you are rich, dont bother with these advices, but for an F2P approach, normal premium pulls suck. so do gold pulls. you can use gold pulls if you have spare gold, but your priority should be upgrades and uncap.

    Do the Dailys.

    train your childs at the weekend with the hot time bonus, dont try to grind under the week. dont rush with uncapping and sacrificing at the beginning, you will regret when you sacrifice the wrong childs.

    that said, dont hesitate too long to sacrifice childs up to 3* for onyx. saves you space and you will need a lot of onyx.

    dont sell items. first upgrade them. the priority should be weapons then armour and if you are already through these two, then SOUL CARTA and at last acecessory (really though, those are a pain in the ass to upgrade and the growth is minimal.) and try to upgrade 5* or 4* items first. dont bother with lesser.

    Find Friends. they are pretty useful all the time.

    do the events. even if you are weak and suck ass, you get acquintanced with systems and you still get some rewards. do your best.

    dont bother with house of reincarnation at the beginning. thats endgame. you will know when you are ready for that.

    dont waste those 3* and 4* evolution material blobs. they are max leveled and you can simply evlove THEM to the next * and raise their worth A TON. especially the 4* mats you evlove into 5* will be VERY IMPORTANT, as evolving to 6* is a pain in the ass and you gotta be careful who to sacrifice. if you dont really need to, leave your childs at 5*.

    read. read. read. this game has many secret mechanics, like 2* child crystal farming and alikes. the more you learn, the more fun this game gets.


  • Basillisk LV.3 Lurker Oct 17, 2020, 10:04 AM

    Damn, it just i didnt get any 5 stars at the time. Anyway thanks dude, i totally understand the f2p part lol

  • SirCroissant LV.3 Lurker Jul 7, 2020, 08:54 AM

    I've been playing the game everyday for about two mo. you can get it easily with events and freebies. I recommend to only use gems in events and focus banners which can give you the outmost value of it.

  • IcyLin LV.21 Sharpshooter Jul 7, 2020, 02:24 PM

    From what u wrote most important advice i can give u: DO NOT waste resources for 4 stars(4-stars only useful as a meterials, u lvl them up as E class to 40,do them 5-star and use for ur 5-stars evolution). Why? 4 star lvl 60+6 do less dmg then 5 star lvl 60+2(attackers). There are only 3 4-stars that worth lvling and investing onix: Leda, Melpomene,Freesia(my opinion).
    Freesia and Mel until u'll get better 5-star childs that do same buffs/debuffs Wood Bathory and Pantheon. Leda is Very good at any World Boss, when Leda buff +50+% heal amount buff and Maat heal u don't need a tank.
    Also at the begining i would recommend not to collect 5-star specific childs like the one only good at pvp for example(as example Altered Davi from current ranga, as a beginner i would throw 3 of her copies to HoR(done same as not beginner but anyway xD).
    And last thing: this site is ur best friend
    it will help u to know most useful childs(but don't forget to read childs skills in game and think urself).

  • Paul Green LV.20 S Jul 8, 2020, 07:36 AM

    Time and prayers to RNGesus. Mostly F2P player here and I got natural 5* 6 star +6 units out the wazoo. Been playing since season zero. just gotta keep rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling.

    game is definitely more generous than most, if not all I've seen. Plus you're not held back by community/clan reward mechanics that are entirely based on whether you have the right connections or not. everything is on you and what you decide to put in. some new things have been fucky, like the new equipment abilities, but they haven't been too much of a pain. Leave it to the whales; there's plenty of room in the ocean for us plebs.

    do dailies? get 950 gems a day.
    finish ragna rewards? get a +2/+3 unit for your troubles.
    invest in world boss? more +2/+3 units and some cheap freebies along the way.
    PVP? free gems and currency for red evo material and A rank equipment EVERY WEEK

    while there is room to optimize, it's nowhere near necessary to still get nice stuff out of the game. I could try for top 100 this ragna (i certainly have the correct units and kit setup) but i won't because this ragna's mechanics are hella jank and i've no patience for that. despite that, i've acculumated over 780K ragna coins and I have FOR SURE missed dozens of raid chances because I like sleep. You don't need to lose your life to enjoy this game. I stopped playing for 4 months because I couldn't figure out how to get in one day after an update and once i figured it out, the transition back was easy. when a game rewards you for your personal efforts rather than determining them relative to others' efforts, it's a much kinder experience and honestly retains more of the community.

    Reroll was something done at the launch of this game on global and sometime in the last year (i think it's happened twice so far). it's not currently available right now based on what i know. it lets you get a 5* of your choice by rerolling after you post a FB thing or something else.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jul 18, 2020, 02:34 PM

    At first you'll get copies of a 5☆ whenever, then eventually you'll get it 7 times and you're done.

    The above paragraph will still apply when you've made more progress. But it'll be more about fodder though sometimes you'll get what you've been after despite the new odds of that happening.

    New childs have banners, then we have HoR.

    HoR we narrow down which childs we may get. So if you collect 5☆ childs you don't need, you'll guarantee yourself 1 out of 6 childs of your choosing, either by trading off five 5☆ or some 4☆ depending how many you gamble.

    Yes 4☆ HoR is a gamble. I usually gamble off twelve 4☆ at a time which also cost 33 bloodgems. 12000 onyx

    My approach at the moment.

    Save extra 5☆ for HoR, usually save them for the next event. Obtain a copy of the new childs from whatever event it's from, banners or win them by any means, and add them to your HoR list.

    Save crystals. For example, the next raid is just days away. No more crystal summoning until then or else it will be troublesome obtaining the new attacker.

    Buy crystals......Actually.....No one wants to hear that but it's effective.

    Personally, I'm somewhat amazed how we manage to complete childs at this rate. I did a lot of HoR for this WB and was able to get Navi to +6. It wasn't smooth either which wasn't bad considering I'd get at least 1 child I asked for.

    From the time Hildr first came out, I completed her caps last week. Should I bathe and onyx her up ? Probably not but I will once the events take a break cause damn, onyx is scarce.

    Salome is good as complete, once I cash in mirror fragments.