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Resources to Git Gud? How Can I Best Learn the Ins and Outs of Battling?


Hey all, So I've been playing this game for quite some time and I've always just played on auto. With the addition of the Skill Reserve System, a new level of strategy has been added for auto players, and I'd like to utilize it. The problem is, I've never really known what the heck I'm doing. I've always just followed guides and databases to put teams together for events and PVP without thinking too deeply about it. I don't know why some childs are considered good while others are not in certain situations, how to evaluate skills or utilize them at the appropriate times, what certain terms such as Curse mean, how damage is calculated, etc. I want to learn, but I need this stuffed explained to me like I'm five. Are there any super comprehensive guides out there? Maybe something that discusses strategies, terminologies, provide examples, show damage calculations, team compositions, etc? I have tons of questions. I'm over here setting all my units to slide all the time. I know that can't be right. lol Thanks in advance for any help, and thanks for reading. Best of luck this Ragna!

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  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jul 25, 2020, 05:16 PM

    I've been there. The game itself gives us more to digest than we realize. There are even attributes I don't fully understand.

    The best thing to do is to look up what the child becomes at max level. Big numbers are good.

    We also like childs that make the opponents retarded. Take Bathory for example, she will nerf the opponents defense with "DoT" ( Damage over Time )

    If you go deep into what Bathory does, by herself she isn't very effective without the party hacking away at the target. But in a nutshell Bathory's slide skill makes the party seem stronger.

    Neptune is valuable in raids because she will speed buff in, she can heal, and in raids she will cast double edge sword, in just her slide skill alone. Her healing is pretty darn good for a support class too.

    That being said I would encourage you to go look at Neptunes slide skill and you will understand it.


    Here's a breakdown.

    - Attackers = focus on the enemy. Additional effects will vary but the attacker will either do something extra to the target, or buff themselves. (Eve is special in the sense she will poison the opponent, so she's like a debuffer too.)

    - Supporters = focus on the party, though they will slap the target in the process

    - Debuffers = focus on making the opponent feeble. They are quite a nuisance. Like "Why can't I move ? Oh Moa is over there"

    The raids is a display of supporters on the most part, and they will often cast on the 2 members with the highest attack status. We can adjust who the supporters cast on with gear, or another way to put it, we can change who has the 2nd highest ATK status.

    If you want to understand the game more, play it on speed x1 manually, you will have plenty of time to soak in what's happening.

    I started playing manually when Rita was the raid boss. In auto mode my Cleo lucked out and had focus up for fevertime and I was astonished at the damage I was seeing. I then knew I would have to do this manually. Interestingly enough I looked at Cleo's skills and I understood right away what her tap was doing cause I saw it in action.

    Playing the game in auto is one thing, but playing manually you really start to understand what the hell is going on simply by applying it yourself. For example, you will understand how criticals really are when you play it manually. It's a chance you can miss. Even in auto you sometimes see the red flash, but you don't get the critical because the AI never played it on time.

    Play it manually if you want to be good at the game.

    You can kill the current raid boss on auto but there's something the AI won't do for you, and for that reason the odds of winning with auto are against you.

    If you have any questions about what I wrote here, just ask.

  • HoneybunHero LV.4 Lurker Jul 25, 2020, 03:44 PM

    I feel the same way. I do well in every event, but i know I would do better if I fully knew what I was doing. I saw someone who has a far weaker team than I do for this event, and pulled in 300k more damage than i.