Zombie Dane LV.27 Team Rocket
Jul 31, 2020, 02:27 PM 1,140 read

Gunner Billy???


So I have gunner billy maxed, (thank the RNG gods), i know i am going to use her and calypso in the upcoming world boss, but would she be good in pvp, or is there another child that does the same thing but better?

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  • Kara Sol Stay Calm LV.20 Supersonic Jul 31, 2020, 03:52 PM

    Her debuff is unique, debuff accuracy can only be increased by non-specific S-grade equipment options.
    An enemy Athena and Pomona wouldn't discriminate what debuff to clear.
    How well it lands - no idea.
    She's water element, so Nicole, Newbie Mona and Lady Bathory would be at an advantage against her.
    What to use her with to take advantage of bonus damage from allied water units? Switch Dana, Neptune to Eshu, Rusalka?
    Needs testing, as always.

  • ViceVersa LV.20 Team Rocket Aug 1, 2020, 01:17 AM

    Isolde probably better than Billy on PvP.. not sure.. maybe Billy and Isolde on same team? ๐Ÿค”

  • Sidonix LV.7 Nomad Aug 1, 2020, 06:34 AM

    Keep Billy for fire WB teams, for PVP has no chance since Bathory + Nicole wipes any water teams in an instant at the current meta.

  • Hersh LV.6 Nomad Aug 1, 2020, 05:53 AM

    I think she can work well in pvp if you pair her with Thanatos, as long as there is no Athena. The team I'm thinking of using is Thanatos, Billy, Dana, Chang'e and leader Wood Bathory.

  • IraqVet LV.21 Dragon Aug 13, 2020, 01:48 AM