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Oct 21, 2020, 07:23 AM 387 read

Are the new carts worth pulling?

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  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Oct 21, 2020, 07:27 AM

    You can do WB without them if you have other atk/crit or hp/def carta to use, so you can skip them if you want... btw "Excuse me" carta is guaranteed at the end of the mission if you complete those daily quest each day (right? I'm not in the game now, so I can't confirm that 100%).

  • Kharl LV.24 Wizard Oct 21, 2020, 09:44 AM

    They’re collab cartas which cannot be obtained from regular banners and tickets so you have to pull for them if you’re a collector. Excuse Me can be useful in PVP so you might want a few more copies of them.