Pheodix LV.20 Nightmare
Mar 2, 2019, 11:24 PM 872 read

PVP Speculation


Just a speculation on the AI for PVP.   Since Dana seems to use her tap whenever a debuff is on her, including poison, and assuming that their team also has Syrinx so poison, regardless of damage, is more important, Elysion would theoretically be better than both Eve or Thanatos, since she poisons 3 people rather than 2?

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  • NO NAME verified Mar 2, 2019, 11:54 PM

    I used to think so, reluctant to drop Elysion, but her 600ish poison wasn't doing the job (mine is +5) and her damage was pretty useless against those nat 5* +5 and +6 units. I worked on my Thanatos and now with his 840 poison things are easier (mine is +3). Also his tap can destroy a unit if it crits. Eve in the other hand has the strongest poison and drive. If you have a decent uncapped Eve or Thanatos I'd go for them. In my opinion it's more important to kill one unit due to poison than having 3 at low health and losing the fight cuz your units died.

    We are talking about 1300+ poison damage from Eve/Thanatos when they are at +6. Elysion can't reach that.

  • Pheodix LV.20 Nightmare Mar 3, 2019, 12:05 AM

    Yeah, but my Thanatos is +2 and my Eve is still +0, so the damage is pretty similar to my +5 Elysion, I was just wondering if it would be worth it to 6* and +6 her

  • NO NAME verified Mar 3, 2019, 12:09 AM

    Oh, in that case, sure if that's the strategy that suits you. Some people don't run poison childs. We have like 5 meta teams. Poison + Olga, Poison + Heal Block, Moa + Olga, Pantheon/Melpomene + 2 tap childs and Bleed + Attacker or even Bleed + Poison. Whatever suits you better according to the units you have at your disposal. You can wait for Eve's banner next week and try your luck, if not you could 6* Elysion, but remember World Boss is coming soon and you might need some 6* Light attackers.

  • Mirastoria LV.22 S Mar 3, 2019, 12:11 AM

    Not only poison but basic stats, 5 stars are much higher than 4 stars even same level and uncap.
    Besides, Dana do use tap if she is poisoned, but the chance is very very low since Elysion, Eve and Thanatos all target lowest hp as priority, so u have to kill low hp attacker first or lower hp a bunch before u can poison Dana, in that situation u almost ensure win.

  • Baldur LV.8 Insomniac Mar 3, 2019, 12:35 AM

    Another thing to consider is that Dana is not using her slide if theres no real damage on any unit.

    I'm using Phanteon, Chang'e, Thanatos, Syrinx and +1 ... with this i usually kill units instantly and by doing so ive come to realize that Dana is sometimes ONLY using tap because theres no damaged unit.

  • NO NAME verified Mar 3, 2019, 07:14 AM

    And that makes your units almost always instant kill enemies' units with crit tap because Dana doesn't protect the team. Lol nice.
    I'm just waiting for another tap child to try Pantheon. (Not a fan of using +1 and +0 toons on arena)

  • Baldur LV.8 Insomniac Mar 3, 2019, 11:03 AM

    Yea the only times your fairly sad is when you dont get a crit on either of the 2 tap childs ...

    I was actually thinking that the new Maat might be a good 2nd tap child, she basically does 4 attacks but split on 2 targets (this might not be that bad because its usually overkill if you attack 1 unit with 2 tap childs while one of them crits)

    Oh yea and using her might allow you to change targets for the burst: imagine your targeting Dana, then you can hit with new Maat first and change target to anything else and then use the tap of ur other child.