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Dec 24, 2019, 02:12 PM 5,289 read

[EVENT] Call us by your name event

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Call us by your name event image 1

Hello, Dear Candidates! This is DC DEVs. 😍 As you already know, we just have become a service provider. We are giving a lot of thought on how to provide a better service and we thought that we should communicate more actively with you guys!   So, as a start, we decided to change the nickname of our CM accounts! Fresh new start requires a sweet new name, huh? We have thought about the cool nicknames, but we still couldn't find anything catchy and cool. 🥳   Well, why don't you give us cool nicknames that our CMs can use?   They will communicate with you guys happily if you name them well! For 3 people who give us the most catchy and cool name, we will provide rewards! 👏👏     Dec. 24 - Dec. 31 [One Week] ※ Rewards will be provided on Jan. 3, 2020     Please give us cool names for our 3 CMs and your in-game nickname+account ID at the comment below!   CMs will personally check every suggestion you give us and they will choose their nicknames among them! For the winners, we prepared a special reward!     ★ Cool Name Reward : 3,000 Crystals+5★ Summon Ticket x 2 ★ Nice Name Reward : 3,000 Crystals +5★ Summon Ticket x 1 ★ Good Name Reward : 3,000 Crystals     ★ Each participant can suggest up to one nickname. ★ Please do not contain any kind of discriminating, political, or unpleasant expressions in your suggestion. ★ We will announce the result and send your rewards on Jan. 3, 2020   Hope you like the event! Thank you.   Oh, wait! Tik Tok Tik Tok What time is it now? 🕑   It's time to Play! With demons!    

Comment 152

  • LehBiscuit LV.20 Swifty Sailor Dec 24, 2019, 09:40 PM

    Name : Biscuit
    ID : bqbsz5k9cjfj

    Was hard to think of something as each time I did it was already in the comments and being un-creative definitely doesn't work in my favor but I also think

    1. CM. Mona
    2. CM. Davi
    3. CM. Lisa

    are the best answers here.

  • NO NAME verified Dec 24, 2019, 10:33 PM

    IGN: Naomi
    Account ID: bqc017z97eom

    My suggestion:
    1. CM Luin
    2. CM Durandal
    3. CM Rufus

  • Masthorius LV.15 Chief Dec 24, 2019, 10:56 PM

    User ID: bqv39rrlx80n
    1:CM: LurkerInTheShadow
    2:CM: HelpfullMona
    3:CM: MaladroitMaster

  • yummmy2 LV.4 Lurker Dec 24, 2019, 11:04 PM

    Game nickname: Steven
    Game ID: br3h690a2cdb
    Suggested Name:
    1. Mona
    2. Davi
    3. Lisa
    Merry Christmas!!

  • Dec LV.13 Chief Dec 24, 2019, 11:46 PM

    IGN: Dec
    ID: brd5h2r33n7u

    1. CM Duriel
    2. CM Andariel
    3. CM Belial

  • AyMikay LV.9 Bamboozled Dec 24, 2019, 11:46 PM

    Nickname : MikeBNoel
    ID : bqxmngaxmig8
    CM Vaisk

  • gamer703769472 LV.7 Nomad Dec 24, 2019, 11:47 PM

    ign: Hellfire
    id: br0fbpveuoun

    John Milton
    Historic authors famous for their visions of hell

  • akaXrazy LV.2 Lurker Dec 25, 2019, 12:08 AM

    nickname: akaThua
    account ID: bus7ta7txofh
    1. Destania(Dest-iny + Casltev-ania);
    2. ChildPlay(Play Destiny Child - like Child's Play without 's' sound);
    3. D.y.D("y" in the middle of "Destiny Child");

  • ThatOtherWizard LV.8 Nomad Dec 25, 2019, 12:16 AM

    IGN: Lashara
    Account ID: bxtxfszvk047

    We've got Eve so, "Lilith"?

  • mr.rubbish LV.20 Pokémon Master Dec 25, 2019, 12:40 AM

    Nickname: flyGarlic
    ID: bqbo60oaswwl

    1. Laharl
    2. Etna (best girl! 😊)
    3. Prinny

  • yokaipoohno.2 LV.2 Lurker Dec 25, 2019, 12:43 AM

    Nickname: yokaipooh
    ID: bqbyuav2epu2

    1. GrandMaster
    2. Jedi(es)

  • Callipsos LV.6 Nomad Dec 25, 2019, 01:48 AM

    Nickname : callipsos
    ID : bw2nnqgzaqc9

    1-CM NICE
    2-CM COOL
    3-CM GOOD

  • Maki_R0LL LV.2 Lurker Dec 25, 2019, 01:53 AM

    Nickaname : X3N0
    ID : bqjx2u79yi3u
    Here's my idea : each nickname refers to an important currency in the game.

    1 CM Hearmethys
    2 CM Goldayne
    3 CM Dicerystal

  • Adversum LV.7 Try Hard Dec 25, 2019, 01:54 AM

    IGN : Adversum
    ID : bqc3pvijmdij

    De acuerdo a los elementos de las 3 child's principales, elegí los nombres de algunas diosas que encajan en éstos:

    1. CM Titánide (Lisa = agua)
    2. CM Nyx (Mona = oscuridad)
    3. CM Hestia (Davi = fuego)

  • AutumnHeart LV.7 Nomad Dec 25, 2019, 02:07 AM

    Nickname: OrionHeart

    1. CM Kismet
    2. CM Alter
    3. CM Moirai