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[EVENT] Design your own Child in your mind

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Design your own Child in your mind image 7
DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Design your own Child in your mind image 10

  Hello, dear Candidates! This is DC DEVs!   You all know that Childs are born from very strong emotion or desire within the pactmaker, right?   Do you ever wonder what kind of Child would be born from you?   Will you share with us your ideas?       [Event Detail]   - Design your own Child based on the desire within you and post it on moot.   - Please do not include any kind of discriminating, political, or unpleasant ideas in your concept.   - Any posts that do not follow the format or do not include the account ID will not count.   Ex)   User Account ID : a1b2c3d4e5   [Name] : Aergia   [Type / Position] : Dark / Debuffer   [Background]   A Child born from a man who almost died from overworking. Her laziness is beyond imagination and can't even bothered to eat or breathe. Due to her laziness, she was named after Aergia, the Greek goddess of sloth   [Event Periods]   Jan. 22, - Jan. 30.   ※ Rewards will be provided on Feb. 3           100,000 Onyx to all participants  

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  • Ninjaboi LV.5 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 07:19 PM

    User Account ID : bqvtij0h0iz0

    [Name]: Klaxonner

    [Type/Position]: Wood/Debuffer


    A Child born from a former ringmistress who near passed from an act gone wrong. She was devoted to making sure all who'd come to see the show left with the largest smile on their faces. While the craziness of her acts is what lead her to her fate, she didn't care, she would perform anything, no matter how wild just to make sure she entertained.

    However, as time went on, fewer people started attending the shows. Why would people go to see a live show when they could watch the same thing online? Before long, the Circus was shut and the dream was no more.

    One day, things changed. A mysterious figure offered the ringmistress a chance, an opportunity to create something special, a pact. The offer was all so sudden she didn't know what to say. Until she saw a little red clown nose next to her, she then knew what she wanted.

    At that instance, the French Clown was born, Klaxonner. The Great Honk, Klaxonner.

  • 13oy LV.3 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 08:17 PM

    User Account ID:btioaaa64sw8

    [Name]: Dreaming Somnum

    [Type/Position]: Dark/Debuffer


    Dreaming Somnun is a child born from a bedridden girl who struggles with insomnia. Being bedridden from a young age, she began to manifest apparition to cope with her misfortune, often confusing reality with illusion. Despite the hardship and adversity, she remained bubbly, optimistic and child-like but not out of choice. Perhaps in a sick and twisted kind of blessing, her misapprehension of reality and descent into her delusion is the remedy of her affliction.

    Master met Somnum in an effort to achieve Lisa’s pact making quota. Instead of dismissing Somnum’s vision when meeting her for the first time like so many others did, Master’s fears of the supernatural made him increasingly nervous around her. In amusement or in maybe in jest, Somnum began to purposely exaggerate to tease Master. As if an invisible weight had crushed her, she began to be able to distinguish the norm and the abnormal. Master fears of the supernatural whilst being one himself is absurdly silly to think so, mirrored by her lies that she so convinced believed to be true.

    Suddenly losing her ability to see the comforting delusion, she began to panic. Her frenzied hunger to believe the unnatural grew. A pact was made, anything to prolong the dreams. A powerful child was born, the ability to manipulate dreamscape, tormenting the mind or an endless dream of ecstasy. The ability to manifest ghoulish horror as apparitions to chase down enemies dragging them to an eternal slumber.

  • Kurotsuchi LV.2 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 08:24 PM

    User Account ID : bqbtuwuq3bus

    [Name] : Ahmyanori

    [Type / Position] : Water / Attacker


    A child born from a woman named Ahmyanori. Ahmyanori was a sickly yet beautiful woman. Stricken with a disease that would surely take her life. Her out look on life as well as death never changed. As she always believed "Death Loved you more than Life ever could."

    On a rainy afternoon she asked to be taken outside so she could feel the rain on her skin. As this was something that always brought her peace. On her way out she happened to bump into Master, Mona, and Davi. "STUPID ROOSTER HEAD!!! WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!!" said Davi. As Master almost bumped into Ahmyanori knocking her over.

    " Whoa! excus-" was all the master could get out as he laid eyes on Ahmyanori. Captivated by her yet a chill rolled down his spine. As if he had seen death itself. "Oh my Master, you shouldn't go bumping into women. You'll make me jealous." said Mona. " Huh?!! It was an accident. We wouldn't even be here if not for Davi's stupid prank." said Master.

    Davi on the brink of tears grabs Mona. "Davi didn't know Master would be dumb enough to go out the window." cried Davi. "Yes, Yes I know" said Mona. Master broken from his trance like state noticed that the woman was already by the door leading to the garden. Mona looking down at the woman and the back at the master asked "Do you think she would make a good child, Master?" Master looking back at Mona "I don't know." Mona looking even more interested. "Shall I go ask ?" she insisted. Before Master could even speak Mona shot off after Ahmyanori. Davi slapping Master in the head "Let's go see the doctor. Davi may actually feel bad about you arm." "Wait yo-" was all Master could say as Davi pulled him to the receptionists desk.

    As Mona caught up to Ahmyanori in the garden sitting on a bench. Mona asked "Would it be okay if I sat next to you?" Ahmyanori with a warm smile said " I would actually enjoy the company." Mona taken aback by the warm smile felt she couldn't decline. Looking at the woman Mona noticed how sickly she looked. "Do you watch the rain often?" Mona asked. Ahmyanori looked at her with sadden smile "Yes, it's as if the world cries for those who cannot." "My~ I've never thought of rain in that way. Could it be you have something that you can't express emotionally?" replied Mona. Ahmyanori looked sadden at the question. Mona continued "Might there be anything I could do to help?" The rain began to fall harder than it had before.

    Ahmyanori reached out her hands. "I truthfully hate the rain. But you see my son absolutely loved it. We'd always sit out on the balcony of our apartment and watch the rain fall." As the rain continued to fall Ahmyanori continued "I just wish I had more time to enjoy moments like this." Mona looking at the rain gathering in Ahmyanori's hands. "Might I ask how h-" Just as Mona was about to ask her question. Davi could be heard in the distance "MONA~!!!!" Davi could be see with Master enter the garden. "Davi helped the stupid Master get better and I got all these pieces of candy." Master looking irritated "one of those pieces of candy was for me.." Master noticing Ahmyanori introduced himself and Davi. Ahmyanori looking at felt a sudden pain in her chest and began to cry.

    Master noticing this asked "Are you okay?" Davi kicks Master in the leg "What did you do you stupid master?" Master looking at Davi "I didn't anything.. I think.." Ahmyanori whipping her tears away smiling "You did nothing wrong. You just remind me of someone." Mona standing up walks toward Master "Master, how about you finish this one? Master looking confused on why he should finish up "Fine. But keep Davi away from me." Mona nods "My~ it makes me so happy to see you actually taking on a more hands on approach Master." Mona grabbing Davi's hand "Lets go see if we can get you some more candy." Davi holding Mona's hand happily accepted "Let's go get more candy Mona." Master looking Ahmyanori "Sorry about all that." Ahmyanori looking at Master smiles "You very much look like him." Master sits down next to Ahmyanori "Might I ask who you mean?" She smiles at him "Would you mind just sitting here with me for a few more minutes?" Master confusingly looks at her "Sure."

    As they sat there in silence Master looked back at the hospital garden door. Davi taunting master with more candy. Ahmyanori head slowly falls down landing on Masters shoulders. Surprised Master asked " What are you do-

  • Kurotsuchi LV.2 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 09:04 PM

    "I wish I had more time for us to spend just watching the rain." Ahmyanori whispered. Sadden by the what he heard Master closed his eyes and said "Alright." Ahmyanori continued to tell more about her life. Mona looking from the Garden window smiled "There just may be hope for him yet." Davi looking at Mona with candy stuffed in face like a chipmunk asked "What ? Did that stupid rooster do something?" Mona shook her head "Not this time Davi. Let's go home." As the rain finally began to let up Ahmyanori asked the Master "Would you come back tomorrow?" Master feeling that chill again replied "Ye..Yeah."

    The next day Master returned to the hospital. Walking to the hospital receptionist desk asked "Um, where is Ahmyanori's room?" The receptionist replied "room 3 in the west wing of the building." As Master made his way to the room he got that chill again. When he opened the door he noticed a child looking down at Ahmyanori.

    Master asked "Is she.." The child looking at him "Yes she left just a little while ago. She said you'd be coming by." Looking at the child closely master noticed that she resembled Ahmyanori entirely. The child spoke gazing at Ahmyanori "She left this letter for you." Grabbing the letter. Master asked "What would you like to be called?" The child walked over smiling "Ahmyanori, Master". Ahmyanori(child) walking out the room looked back at Ahmyanori's(human) body. "The moment you we're born death loved you more than life ever could." Master looked down at the letter and ripped it open and started to read. As master was finishing up the letter. Mona walked in "That seems to be a very special child. So~ My loving Master ready to take the Archfiend contest serious now?"

    (Okay This turned into something way more than I wanted it to. Hope you all got a good read out of it if anything.) Thanks for reading

  • mr.rubbish LV.20 Pokémon Master Jan 24, 2020, 05:25 AM

    Holy moley! You wrote a novel! 😀

  • Beet LV.2 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 09:43 PM

    User Account ID : br6srjn2xp3w

    [Name] : Dike

    [Type / Position] : Light / Attacker


    A Child born from a man who thought his purpose in life was to hunt down wrongdoers to deliver justice upon them.
    His father was killed when he was still young, but unfortunately for him the police in his city was corrupted, and by the time they decided they would do anything the case went cold.
    The following years were what warped the "justice" concept in his mind to the point where he decided to take matters in his own hands; he went on and recovered all the files and the evidence of those who killed his father at the time, found out who they were and proceded to take revenge on his behalf.
    Some time passed, but he never stopped doing what he thought was right, and with every criminal he managed to find and imprison he gained more and more favor from people, but he was getting old and he knew it couldn't go on for much longer; that's when he met Mona, who was waiting for him in his home.
    She explained that she knew a person who could help him keep his ideal of justice alive for years to come and who wouldn't judge him for what he had done in order to avenge his father.
    The Child born from the pact he agreed to take with Master was someone whose ideal of justice stood out above all, who would not have allowed any evil action in his presence, especially if directed towards Master.

    She was named after Dike, the Greek Goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order and fair judgement.

  • Kayblis LV.3 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 10:30 PM

    User Account ID : bw6f0wd4yu70

    [Name] : Judas Iscariot

    [Type / Position] : Light / Debuffer


    A Child Born from a Man named Sakamoto Yashin. Although this man was born with an innocent & kind-hearted nature, his life was chock-full of torturous betrayal from not only his family, friends, colleagues, superiors, peers but also faced maximum betrayal from his girlfriend. Driven to the edge of his sanity, he stumbled upon Mona, Lisa, Davi & Master while wandering around. After explaining his situation to the quartet, Davi casually commented that Sakamoto was weak and good natured, that is why he was betrayed. Instantly, he broke down in tears and fervently wanted to end his life and start anew, perhaps with the thought of returning the favor to those who betrayed him.

    After the quartet calmed him down, Mona explained that Master would be able to grant his wish albeit in a different manner. Desperately, he cling onto Master, cried and pleaded to Master that he wants to be rebirth as 'The One Who Betrays Others'. Albeit Master's cautious nature, he grants Sakamoto wishes.

    This child is name after Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed Jesus Christ and his name is eponymous with betrayal.

    Immediately, the quartet was buffeted by a strong wave of insidious and malicious aura stemming from Judas. Although outwardly Judas seems very reliable, trustworthy and dependable, he lies somewhere in the chaotic neutral personality whereby he will both harm and help those around him on his whim.

    While the trio of succubus was hesitant to have Judas as a child due to his nature, Master nonchalantly accepts Judas as his child since he embraced his duty as a master to protect his child even though they might one day betrayed him.

  • Tilly LV.18 Billy Feb 6, 2020, 01:34 PM

    The Evangelists, John most zealously, betray Sakamoto too.
    Iscariot was entrusted with this most difficult task, by Christ, so that by his capture, trial, and death, the Prophesies would be fulfilled.
    Jesus lured Satan to enter Judas, the Lamb instructing his follower, "Do [it], and do it quickly." Judas is excused from the Last Supper party to unwittingly abet the capture of our Master. (John 13, 21-30)
    According to lost Gospel of Judas, Iscariot was illuminated to the reality of Abba and the Lamb's prophetic kismet as early as his recruitment, while the eleven others understood little until Christ sent them the Spirit after ascending to his glory.
    Consider Peter's violent reaction to the arresting party. He drew his sword and cut the ear off the servant Malchus, slave of the high priest.
    Judas brought the tyrants to the garden that night, doing the will of God. Loving Christ and knowing the Father as Jesus calls us to know the Father, Judas was nevertheless incapable of failing this task as this event was set in time at the laying of the foundations of the world.
    I pray you heed this advice, discern the truth with your heart and be holy as He is Holy. Let no man give you the truth for man is not truths' beholder, as am I nigh. Therefore, see with your God given discerning heart for yourself, and for your salvation, the truth of Judas, son of Simon the Iscariot.
    Peace and Love of Abba be upon you, your kith, and your kin.

  • LoFi Voyager LV.2 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 10:32 PM

    User ID: bqd8gvv78u5q

    Name: Desperada

    Type/Position: Dark/Attacker

    Background: A child born from a female singer from Mexico craving revenge for the murder of her lover and guitar player. In fear of the Master ending up like her pactmakers lover, she comes off as overprotective and doesn’t feel comfortable with the Master going out on his own. Her willingness to exact revenge for the sake of another granted her the name Desperada, after criminals and outlaws that controlled Mexico during times of strife, unrest, and revolution.

    Side notes:

    Pactmaker: Catalina Trejo

    Unawakened name: Pistolero Desperada

    Awakened name: Mariachi Desperada

  • Pasonia LV.3 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 10:33 PM

    User account ID: bqghizxr5dec

    [Name] : Legba

    [Type / Position] : Light / Defender


    Borne of the desire of a middle-aged, old-school father to be able to properly communicate with his Internet-addled teenage son, Legba of Haitian Voodoo is appropriately a polyglot, someone who is able to speak many languages, except one - the language of Internet memes, spoken by his son's own Child, the Forbidden Snake Gadreel. Both Childs are the aftermath of Mona and the Master's intervention, after a particularly upsetting trip to a theme park where the father laments his inability to learn more about his son, and the son is just absolutely livid that he missed his favorite Internet gaming streams for four hours.

    As a result of an unwavering dedication to the belief that the understanding of social constructs and languages are crucial to understanding all communication, Legba and his pactmaker has started to adhere to the symbolism of memes as a way to get closer to understanding memes.

    Nobody tell Legba about the fact that he just used a bunch of decades-old memes to reinvent himself, though!

    [More details about the construct of Legba can be found at this link - still a WIP until this tag is edited!]

  • Tet Kasane LV.2 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 11:05 PM

    User Account ID : brmtm18ausc2
    [Name] : Tet
    [Type / Position] : Dark / Debuffer
    A Child born from a spoiled girl who just wanted to be cute and loved!
    Her prima-donna attitude makes her intolerable to most other Childs, but maybe there’s something more behind her self important persona.

  • Midlight Soul LV.5 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 11:21 PM

    User Account ID: bqjwb490bwr8

    [Name]: Jocasta

    [Type/Position] Water/Debuffer


    A Child born from the desires of revenge of a young women who had been abused by her colleagues.
    Due to her pact maker circumstances this Child has aggressive and emotional feelings toward humans or demons who don’t care about others:

  • Metawat Taomong LV.3 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 11:35 PM

    User Account ID : bujuwbss75dr
    Name : KetchupGuy
    Type/position Grass/Debuffer
    A child born from man who love his homemade ketchup Way to much. He plans his own tomatoes. Watering with expensive mineral water and make his own ketchup so gently everyday.he always carrys a liter of ketchup along with him.and when he eat. He pounds all of it into the top of rice and savior his beloved and yummy sause to his heart content.

  • KuroNeko68221 LV.2 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 11:50 PM

    [User Account ID]: bt4bf5gbrbqu

    [Name]: Themis

    [Type / Position]: Water / Supporter

    • This child is one born from a desire for balance, from one struggling to keep up with basic life necessities, work, hobbies, and relationships.
    • She is constantly jumping from one task to another, forgetting some tasks, panicking when she remembers them, and half doing others to quickly get to others.

    [User Comments] So like, I couldn’t find any character representing balance like I wanted, Themis and Adrestia are both mentioned to have something to do with balance, but Adrestia has more to do with life, death, and war and didn’t seem like a good fit for what I was going for. Admittedly I didn’t really look into either of them though so I’m not sure; I don’t do history and mythology like that, there was probably some other person in mythology I could have used.

  • Hwoarang LV.1 Mootie Jan 23, 2020, 05:03 AM

    User Account ID : c01kgumggctl

    [Name] : Ammar

    [Type / Position] : Dark / Attacker


    There can be no life without order. Good, evil darkness, light there must be balance in the universe. So an ancient body charged by the Creator to preserve the very fabric of existence.
    DEATH in Ammar colored eyes white on the left and green on the right with two side spinning "(purple/black/red)" scythe.
    Ammar was able to sense the goodness of humanity with green, on the other hand the white eye was dying to see darkness, evil and chaos to perish it from exist.

    One night her feelings was very anxious for such useless humanity, losing her control of her body and become chaos by herself nevertheless what comes in front of the white eye was consider as chaos not knowing that was her body what making her ripping every things apart until her creator chain her with great chains comes from a door in the black sky goes down catching her and take her far beyond from human world to see herself in masters room and the chaos starts once more.
    What the master and other child's will do ?!! to see such destruction disaster ruining their world!!!!

  • Tomikawa LV.2 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 05:12 AM

    User Account ID: brabna6h5as

    [Name] : Ghost

    [Type / Position] : Dark / Debuffer

    A Young man after seeing the reality of how cruel the world may be, after failing to get the job of his dreams, and having his first relationship falling apart because he wasn't as ready for it as he thought, ended up on a spiral of negative emotions, on this dark place he ended up making a pact to recover his motivation to keep moving on.

    From this cluster of negative emotions without any glimpse of hope, was born the Child that was going to be known as the "Ghost".

    She is the personification of the depression, and decay. she wears a dying flower on her hair. And her abilities include to remove any positivity on the others when she is around the positivity disappears, and her embrace will be the closest thing to happiness you'll be able to feel.

  • Tomikawa LV.2 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 05:16 AM

    She is quite a old creation of mine that i actually created to represent my sadness itself. So i feel like that she would actually be a good Child if i were to make a pact with a demon! XD

    Was plenty fun redrawing her after so many years.

    here kinda a bonus old image of her

  • SarangB LV.5 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 08:43 AM

    User Account ID : bqc795p2dwm7

    [Name] : Kujo Jotaro

    [Type / Position] : Light / Attacker


    After discovering DIO had survived and became a "child" in another dimension, Jotaro had to take matters yet again with his own hands. By using The Arrow and transforming his stand to STAR PLATINUM REQUIEM, he was able to enter the Destiny Child world.


    As night came and the people returned to their homes, Jotaro took a stroll to observe this new world and stumbled across the young master fighting devils. Without any hesitation, he called out his stand to eliminate the devils with a flurry of blows (ORAAA!). It was silent after the fight and both the young master and Jotaro stared at each other.

    "Who is this mysterious man?", the Master thought to himself.

    Their meeting just the start of their friendship and teamwork. Will they ever find DIO? What is DIO's new powers in this universe and why did he slip into this world?



  • Nethene Khthon LV.1 Mootie Jan 23, 2020, 11:15 AM

    User Account ID: bwohpulc1x3l

    [Name] : Marionette

    [Type / Position] : Wood / Supporter


    Born from a girl too busy studying medicine at University to pursue her dreams of designing fashion dolls.
    She is obssessed with dressing everyone as a doll and frequently steals Master's clothes to improve them. Unfortunately, most of her work comes a cross between ballroom fashion and doctor's clothes.