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[EVENT] Design your own Child in your mind

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Design your own Child in your mind image 7
DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Design your own Child in your mind image 10

  Hello, dear Candidates! This is DC DEVs!   You all know that Childs are born from very strong emotion or desire within the pactmaker, right?   Do you ever wonder what kind of Child would be born from you?   Will you share with us your ideas?       [Event Detail]   - Design your own Child based on the desire within you and post it on moot.   - Please do not include any kind of discriminating, political, or unpleasant ideas in your concept.   - Any posts that do not follow the format or do not include the account ID will not count.   Ex)   User Account ID : a1b2c3d4e5   [Name] : Aergia   [Type / Position] : Dark / Debuffer   [Background]   A Child born from a man who almost died from overworking. Her laziness is beyond imagination and can't even bothered to eat or breathe. Due to her laziness, she was named after Aergia, the Greek goddess of sloth   [Event Periods]   Jan. 22, - Jan. 30.   ※ Rewards will be provided on Feb. 3           100,000 Onyx to all participants  

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  • JesterSav LV.3 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 12:17 AM

    User Account ID : bra7ehomyptf
    [Name] : Demetrious
    [Type / Position ] : Light / Attacker

    According to legends, Demetrious was a descendant of the god of sunlight, Freyr. The gods sent him to Earth to save humanity.

    Demetrious uses arcane and nature magic. He can burn the bodies and souls of his enemies. As a result of the absorption of the strength of opponents, he gained the ability to turn into an angel and destroy enemies with clots of flame

  • ScKenzy LV.1 Mootie Jan 23, 2020, 12:26 AM

    User Account ID : bzd49yv00rd5

    [Name] : Fedora

    [Type / Position] : Light / Defender


    A Child born from a man who treats women well in the hopes that they would become their girlfriends. After many failures, his frustration gave birth to a Child hell bent on destroying all females.

  • Sisi LV.14 Chief Jan 23, 2020, 12:35 AM

    User Account ID : btfh21slsz0f

    [Name] : Cece

    [Type / Position] : Light / Defender


    A Child born from the pure heart of Master himself. After Master moved to the mortal realm he became accustomed to all things otaku. He collected his most prized anime figure of all "Princess Cece."

    One day, Master looked into Princess Cece's eyes and made a wish that he could pass his demon ways aside and bring forth only the purity of his heart into Cece herself. Later that night as Master was falling asleep he felt a soulful power flow through him as his heart felt the warmest its ever been.

    The next morning, to his miraculous surprise laying next to him was none other than Princess Cece in full mortal form. Through the blessing of Master's pure heart Cece came alive from the anime figure.

    Cece's name originated from Latin meaning "blind one".

  • Khoai Tây LV.1 Mootie Jan 23, 2020, 12:44 AM

    User Account ID: bqc43r4psgh3

    [Name] : Clarie

    [Type / Position] : Dark / Tank

    A child was once the princess of the fallen Republic of Birget. The republic of Birget, wiped off the map by the demon invaders during the demon war, was the protector of countless of secrets, including the ruins and technologies of an ancient civilization. Clarie, too, lost her life to protect those secrets. Later, she was brought back to the world as an Undead by Dark Maat. She was given a new consciousness by a strange, dark magic. Now, she seeks to go on a journey to find her past self and her lost memories.

  • Tomikawa LV.2 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 01:33 AM

    I have some questions:
    The post can have images with the descriptiions too?

    I should post it here in the comments or create a separeted post?

  • MrCharms LV.1 Mootie Jan 23, 2020, 02:16 AM

    User Account ID: bryot23kbm9m

    (NAME): Wendigo

    (Type/Position): Dark/Attacker


    A child that was born from a man who was stranded alone in the woods for weeks. Always hungry and willing to eat anything to satisfy its hunger, Wendigo will viciously attack anyone and anything with its razor sharp claws.

  • Elton John LV.1 Mootie Jan 23, 2020, 02:40 AM

    User Account ID: brp4rj3vrnf0

    [Name] : Athena

    [Type / Position] : Dark / Supporter


    A child born from a woman who is greedy, everything she did was out of greed the benefits were only for her, she never really cared about others. It was always about her and herself alone, she was always called a snake or dragon for her greed and unpleasant ways. If there was one thing she wanted more than anything, it was to be the most powerful being anyone has ever seen.

    One day she met Mona and Mona took it upon herself to drag Athena to this man named master, it was then that Mona convinced her to make a pact with him, sceptical at first she eventually took the deal and made a pact with him, her child looked dragon like having wings that wrapped around her, the childs hair became a greenish blonde color she was much taller than your average child, she loved the way she looked and she was gonna prove she could be the strongest child out there

    Athena would later learn that being a child isn't easy the more powerful she got the more she understood that being greedy isn't a good thing, but she would have a hard time changing so she continued to do so.

    Athena as a person was someone no one wanted to be around. Growing up was hard for her since she lost her father at a young age as a way to cope with it her mother would take her out and buy her anything she wanted, that resulted in her being the greedy person she is. One day she ran up to her mother and asked for something when her mother said no she wasn't taking that so she screamed and cried until her mother eventually gave in. Getting what she wanted made her feel powerful since she had that kind of effect on her mother she used it to her advantage. In a way this was her mother's fault at least the way she was, her mother regrets the day she started to buy her things cause now she had no choice but to do it or her daughter would throw a fit.

    Athena felt proud for the way she was, she only had one friend and that's it and that girl's name was Elizabeth, sadly she moved away by the time Athena turned 14 losing her friend made Athena feel horrible, but she used that to advantage to get things she wanted, when she became the child she is she loved it but now she is having second thoughts, she wants to become a better person completely, she is one of those childs who remembers that she made a pact with someone, at least her human remembers that she made a pact with the master, her human is now doing everything she can to become a better person. She no longer wants to be known as a horrible person she wants to have friends and be nice to people she hates how she is, although she still wants to get what she wants she wants to be someone who loves others instead of the greedy person she is.

    Name is inspired by the Greek goddess Athena.
    Anything else you'd like to know just ask!

  • ToraTora LV.2 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 04:22 AM

    User Account ID : bqy6eb3qs072

    [Name] : Pahnyan

    [Type / Position] : Light / Support


    A Child born from a playful spirit of a cat who chases fireflies for her whole life. To chase, to travel, to play, it is what the cat only knew. During the Summer, she would gaze at the night sky, to jump at the stars fruitlessly.

    Upon her old age, she passed. Born anew, with amber wings and a cheerful smile, she could finally play with the heavens.

    Pahnyan, The Star Chaser.

  • ✨MohaCherrouq✨ LV.23 Gameboy Jan 23, 2020, 04:44 AM

    User Account ID : bxm7791wxaxd

    [Name] : Shinobi Nin Nin

    [Type / Position] : Fire / Support


    Is a joyful girl who lives In the troubles of the Sengoku period in the [x] century she died in a fire accidentally in a conflict between two villages is she dreams of becoming a judicial shinobi

  • Pink Ballons LV.21 S Jan 23, 2020, 05:53 AM

    User Account ID : br3n4diaabfd

    [Name] : HerCat

    [Type / Position] : Dark / Support


    A rich adult women (18 - 19 years old) that had a love for science, specially on the branch of psychology and blood.

    She hse to live on the catacombs of her parents mansion and often was seen taking creature/animals from the near by forest to her Lab and doing experiments.

    She believed that blood was the source of all strength but the mind controlled the rest so she had to dominate both to be the most powerful and respected science women that ever lived.

  • Altaïr Uzumaki LV.7 Nomad Jan 23, 2020, 05:57 AM

    User Account ID : br1ve9ua9jfx

    [Name] : Festivus

    [Type / Position] : Dark / Supporter


    A Child born from a kid who never experienced Christmas. He had always behaved during the year with the hope to recive a gift from Santa, but he never got a thing, the tree was always empty.

    On one snowy night the kid met a demon who promised to make him experience a Christmas like no other. The Child born from that desperated desire was dressed in red and black, with a red Christmas hat on his head and a cryptic smile on his face; since the second he was born he had the idea to bring a happy Christmas to everyone... every day. Wherever he goes snow follows him, so he eventually got abandoned by his master because it was always cold with him around, now he's a wondering Child delivering gifts, joy... and extremly cold snow.

    He named himself Festivus after the anti-Christmas event, for every day is Christmas for him so the original Christmas is meaningless to his eyes. He once said "If Festivus doesn't go to Christmas, Christmas will come to Festivus" because of the snow following him, and it became his catch phrase.

  • Ash Vermillion LV.1 Mootie Jan 23, 2020, 08:32 AM

    User Account ID: bqd79rr7v1ij

    [Name] : Undying Shinzo

    [Type / Position] : Fire / Attacker


    A child born from the Master of an alternate reality who enjoys watching live-action superhero TV shows that specialise in special effects.

    Like the original Master, he initially has no interest in competing in the Archfiend competition. However, due to him witnessing the death of his own childs and closest friends in the Mortal Realm, he becomes infuriated and decides to turn into a child himself and fights other candidates who threaten the Mortal Realm. Armed with the powers from the Infernal Realm, he allies with other Archfiend candidates and childs to maintain the peaceful co-existence of the Mortal Realm and the Infernal Realm.

  • Klein Calamari LV.2 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 08:35 AM

    User Account ID: bznhopr4qwzh

    [Name]: Estheria

    Type: Wood / Defence


    A child born from a young lady who after countless times of seeing humans destroy the very planet they live in, she sought nothing more than to help nature take back what was rightfully theirs.
    Oh behalf of all that live in highest of mountains to the farthest of seas, Estheria will not rest till the last of all who dare taint the sacred nature of nature itself be dealt upon the worst of judgments.

  • Gúltar Roy LV.2 Lurker Jan 23, 2020, 09:35 AM

    User Account ID: Xain

    [Name]: Lasphen

    [Type / Position]: Dark / Attacker


    A child born from a very devoted exorcist who has a deep hatred for the demons that infected the world.

    He prayed every day, went to church after each exorcism, over and over again. Many times he had serious injuries but he continued working because for every demon eliminated the world was a little bit better than before.

    Then, one fateful day after almost dying for a failed exorcisn against an extremely powerful demon he realized something, he would never have enough strength to defeat him, he would not live long enough to become so strong, the demons like that will continue to hurt and steal souls from Innocent people.

    With his eyes burning with the fire of a determination stronger than the diamond itself he decided to do the unthinkable.

    He left home after recovering from his wounds and located the nearest demon, for his luck he managed to defeat him, but he didn't finished the job, after looking at the injured demon he said:

    "Demon, I will forgive your disgusting life in exchange for something. I want power, so much that the scum of your class doesn't even think about stepping on this world ever again"

    The demon laughed until tears came out, then sealed the pact with him giving birth to "Lasphen, the demon exorcist".

  • _______me_______ LV.3 The Best Jan 23, 2020, 09:58 AM

    User Account ID : bugtr6j7utac

    [Name] : Danny Devito

    [Type / Position] : Fire / Supporter


    Born straight from his meemaw, this sexy specimen of man was given to us as a gift from god. Danny uses every power imaginable, and is op at every single one of them. This man is clearly a different breed.
    “It’s Danny DeVito’s world and we’re just living in it.”