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Apr 5, 2021, 01:52 PM 2,899 read

[EVENT] Devil Rumble Guides Wanted

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Devil Rumble Guides Wanted image 1

Rankers, Gather Right Now!   A Tanker Deck that blocks enemy attacks and boasts solid defense!   A Debuffer Deck that makes the enemy go crazy by using the debuff!   Attack is indeed the best defense! A Dealer Deck taking victory with a powerful attack!   We are looking for the strongest strategy for the Devil Rumble!     How to Join: Please share your own Devil Rumble Deck configuration in the comments! (*Account ID must be attached when participating)   Event Period: Apr. 5 ~ Apr. 11, 23:59 (UTC+0)   Participation Reward: 200,000 Onyx   Lucky Reward (10 people): 50 Blood Gem     Reward Date: Apr. 15  

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  • Jasgo LV.2 Lurker Apr 6, 2021, 06:45 PM

    ID: c6p2c9ke0zbh

    Leader: Supporter Thisbe
    Attacker Sytry
    Defender Dana
    Healer Pamona
    Supporter Neptune

  • Mark Mclean LV.4 Lurker Apr 6, 2021, 07:06 PM


  • gamer540974451 LV.10 Nomad Apr 6, 2021, 07:11 PM


  • gamer540974451 LV.10 Nomad Apr 6, 2021, 07:11 PM


  • Ladydarkfire LV.4 Lurker Apr 6, 2021, 07:23 PM

    Thats my team. Dont have more cores for my PvP team. Sorry

    ID: btbtbr7muvok

  • Rosy LV.32 Rare Candy Apr 6, 2021, 08:21 PM

    ID: bqd9p9kjpw8n

  • BMOBmobmo LV.6 Nomad Apr 6, 2021, 09:32 PM

    ID : bsox4gg1lzm2

  • Platikus LV.5 Lurker Apr 6, 2021, 09:43 PM

    Id: c39wpuuz4o4m

  • DragoonDC LV.3 Lurker Apr 6, 2021, 10:37 PM

    ID: c7tmvxcircwp

    I try to keep it balanced.

  • EL Dobe Más Sensual LV.2 Lurker Apr 6, 2021, 11:25 PM

    Well, my team was waaaay better before the ignition system was implemented, still this isn't half bad, planning on getting Rita ignited and replace mafdet with her, the idea is simple, punch them hard and pray to God to not get one shot-Ed by those eves, water mafdets or super bathorys that are so popular these days...

    Also my ID:brjm264ersrl

  • SouhnnyD.Light LV.3 Lurker Apr 6, 2021, 11:41 PM


  • mr.rubbish LV.20 Pokémon Master Apr 7, 2021, 01:32 AM

    This team can get me to Gold, but staying there is another thing altogether... 😅

    Account ID: bqbo60oaswwl

  • Bikini Lisa LV.19 Boo! Apr 7, 2021, 01:32 AM

    ID: bqnv5qo5prjq

  • Biska LV.22 Epic Apr 7, 2021, 03:34 AM

    Account ID:   bzkp7nfk22u2

  • Logan LV.1 Mootie Apr 7, 2021, 03:59 AM

    ID: ca62imuhzcby

    Dana for great barriers
    Salome for great damage
    Thisbe for great speed buffs
    Serket for more damage because you cant go wrong with more damage
    And pomona for more survivability