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25 Best Tattoo Placement Ideas


25 Best Tattoo Placement Ideas Not all young people who are wondering for the first time where to get a tattoo on the body are aware that the level of pain that will have to be endured when drawing depends on the chosen place. This factor must be taken into account before going to a tattoo parlor. Each person has a different pain threshold, so if a tattoo is stuffed for the first time, it is better to choose not the most painful places. You can get the first tattoo for a girl or a guy on the shoulder, on the buttocks, on the forearm or in the lower back. Pain in this case will be minimal. Choosing the right place for a tattoo is also important from an aesthetic point of view. A tattoo should really adorn the body, not the other way around. 25 Best Tattoo Placement Ideas Where to get a tattoo for girls? A girl of 14-16 years old tattoo helps not only to emphasize the image, but also to express herself. It is important to choose the right pattern, its size and the place of application, so that the impression of the procedure is only positive. Over time, girls most often regret and want to get rid of tattoos made in adolescence. Choosing a place where to get a tattoo so that parents do not see it, preference is most often given to the buttocks and back. These parts of the body are almost constantly covered with clothing and the probability of detecting the pattern is minimal. So that mom does not see the tattoo that has appeared, you can also do it on the wrist. It is important that the place of application is constantly covered with a bracelet or strap. Where to get a tattoo for guys? For the first time, guys decide to get a tattoo inscription on the body at a young age. It is important that the selected drawing was not just the first picture from the Internet, but carried some meaning. At the same time, the tattoo should harmoniously fit into the overall style and really serve as a body decoration. Before going to the salon, you should carefully consider the place where to get a tattoo and create a sketch of the future image. If you are in doubt, then you can make a temporary tattoo and make sure that it really suits the owner and will not cause unnecessary trouble.

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