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Nov 5, 2020, 04:31 AM 253 read

SW:The Clash Of Galaxies

It's 22 BBY. The Clone Wars have only just started to tear their way across the galaxy. The Republic and the Separatists are locked together in a seemingly endless struggle, with no end anywhere in sight. Aiding the Republic is the Jedi Order, and the Separatists have managed to gain the alliance of a reborn Sith Order from the edges of Wild Space. But at the worst time, Grandmaster Yoda of the Jedi Order has gone missing, leaving the Jedi Order leaderless. *A brand new Clone Wars Literate RP Server *Plenty of Freedom to make your characters *The opportunity to play as canon characters, or replace them with your own OCs. https://discord.gg/2ymbCSgHd5

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