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The 20th Assault Corps.

***IF THIS ISNT ALLOWED, PLEASE DELETE IT, my apologies*** The 20th Assault Corps. | Battlefront 2. We are recruiting players on PS4, PC & XBOX! Additionally, we are looking for artists, video editors, and content creators to join as they are key to a great community! The 20th Assault Corps is a MilSim first created in October 2018, and after a hiatus, we are back and looking for new members to join our ranks! Most of our players are from the US and UK, but everyone is welcome. We set up deployments whenever possible, and have users on daily, so we hope to see you playing as often as possible! To keep things interesting, we allow the chance to specialize your position in the 20th by becoming an ARC/ARF trooper, Commando, or Spartan (a role unique to our clan), as long as you’re willing to prove you’re the best of the best! We consider ourselves unique to other BF2 MilSims, so we would love for you to be part of our community, and will make sure you feel encouraged and welcomed. Why should you join? We have: • A close-knit, bonded community • An active playerbase and lively Discord group • Friendly, encouraging, and helpful members • An inclusive, democratically-run command center • Many branches, such as: GRAND ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, and more to come. Here’s a trailer to pique your interest:

If we have succeeded, here’s a link to our Discord:

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ***We hope to see you very soon!***

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