Cesar Calderin LV.2 Lurker
Aug 15, 2020, 05:34 AM 87 read

My Loadout!

Call of Duty: Event - My Loadout! image 1

Here is my Warzone loadout! I run the Bruen MK9 because lets be real here: this thing is a beam. it has no recoil and also has high damage output, and even with the recent nerf this thing is still a beast! I run a knife with it so I can have ghost by my first loadout and also so I can get around quickly! I can move around without having to worry about being too slow to get out of situations, and with the help from amped I have no trouble swapping weapons fast enough to gun someone down! Once again this is my loadout and I hope I win the 4k CoD Points! :)

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