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PGN is recruiting. Over 800 members. All servers. NA EU WZ etc. 16 + with mic. Message for details.

PGN is recruiting!Phoenix Gaming Network  If you are tired of running pubs solo and want to join up with a squad then look no further! PGN is here for you! We are looking for players of all types of life whether you are a casual player or a competitive player.   We have over 700 members with EU squqds and American servers. We have a warzone only warzone squad. They only play wz as well. Game nights during the week and weekly tournaments within clan. We play every game mode, sNd, TDM, Dom. We are always recruiting building the clan and make it a bigger family.   We accept everyone who plays MW!We have a ranking structure within the community , there will always be an opportunity for growth or just having fun at low ranks.     There are some requirements before being accepted into the community.-   Being 16+-  Need to have a Mic-  Need to have discord.   We host meetings to review how our community is going and what to expect for the next week(s) coming in the community. feel free to send me a friend on discord PGNBushman(1CPT)#3518 to join. Tap that like button and send me a message. I will get you in. So all we ask for is be respectful to others and don't be toxic. Don't be rude and have fun. We have room to promote here and have fun. We have multiple squads within and all you need to do is attend two gsme nights a week. Gamenights are just an hour of fun games within clan to have fun. Join the community #discord #ps4 #pc #callofduty #warzone #community #family #xbox #callofdutymodernwarfare #sniper #multiplayer #cdl

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