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Campaign *SPOILERS*

COD Cold War brings one action packed Campaign with lots of stealthy and spray an prey fun but all games have some sort of problem, there are technicly 3 endings one with the same and different out come. The "Good ending" you tell adler the truth about where the nukes are bein set off and you go there and destroy rockets so they cant shoot the stun in the air where the nukes are. Once you destroy the rockets u almost die after tht a couple days later adler takes you to the edge of the mountain calls u a hero then kills u. Wow such a good ending you die awesome, "Bad ending" you lie to adler about where percise is and you set up an ambush with the Russians "oh btw the cia renvented u anddd your Russian" anyway you get called out by woods and the russians attack them THEN u proced to kill "mason woods park ( or lazar) and adler" then u team up with percise and you set the nukes off and boom done imagine kill 10000 reds then just join them lol and at least u live this ending, *!HONERABLE MENTION!* If yu lie and you dont set up the sabatage adler just kills you. This campaign is great but just lacks its ehding.

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