SFP Blondie LV.2 Lurker
Jan 20, 2021, 12:51 AM 12 read

LFG? Community style.

Ever thought about joining a gaming community? Maybe just looking for new people to play with? Hmu up xbox SFP Blondie . We have all sorts of people and host events on all types of games. COD, GTA, Siege, and more. ❤.We got it all. A design team, events team, you can make this place a home. We are part of a large gaming community known as Savagely Feared Productions or SFP. We are on all platforms. Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Only requirements we have is 15+ and have discord. My discord is SFP Blondie#6811

Call of Duty: General - LFG? Community style.  image 2

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