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Feb 5, 2021, 01:31 PM 75 read

You wanna play competitive?


I am trying to form a whole team that would start off in gamebattles competitive ladders then move into prize money tournaments together after everyone is comfortable and familoar with one anothers play styles and after everyone is basically homies --- We do not have a name yet, we have just simply started a discord and have 3 total people as of right now --- As someone who just got coldwar and is still trying to get better i dont expect everyone to be god tier, (trust me, there's always room for imrovement) but if we can all co-operate amd learn from each other and teach each other things, then theres a whole lot that can be done --- You can be the face of our team or assist the expansion :) We all support each other and we'll grow together, lets start off --- Purpose isnt to be famous, or to be known or feared, its basically just to compete with strong competitive spirit and accept what ever comes outlr way, lets enlarge the family! --- Dm me and we can getchu in the discord (Ladder/tourney doesn't start til we have 4+ players available at a time)

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