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Call Of Duty League Elimination Final


Guy check out the elimination final: Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra It's streaming live now. You can watch the live streaming here:

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  • Even 0 is a value LV.2 Lurker May 31, 2021, 12:24 PM

    Below there are 3 video links and my thoughts about them relating those to The first Pc game that I played back in my teenage ,Call of duty Modern Warfare.

    So, I have many sweet memories what are related with this game. For an example I had an argument with a very close friend of mine just because I asked him to install the game. I had such an urge for playing COD MW 2 for the first time that I lost my temper back then what was apart from me.
    Actually it is a bittersweet memory that I have with the game.

    As I was a rookie back then in my teenage (N.B. One might think this that..he bought his Pc in his teenage!!
    Because many has those advantage from their childhood to be said...I will say ,Well here in my country many can’t even manage afford a pc in their entire lifetime...kinda sad but fact).
    So... these are those links to those videos. One thing is as you are already have been with COD so these music files are rare because they have such a low audience number in youtube but still many of you might have heard these songs before or on a regular basis.
    But..The good things should be valued more and more so you can listen to this files i shared if you want to refresh the memories but I know True COD Modern Warfare fans will say, hey!!The memories are always with us which are associated with COD MW…
    “But the more you remember the more you will enjoy.”
    That’s why I am giving these links...

    The link video Synopsis: Well.. doesn't matter how you see him..if you are a COD Modern Warfare fan just like me.
    Because He is a true warrior.Yes, you are right I am talking about Mr. Vladimir Makarov.
    “It only takes is the will of a single man.”
    -Vladimir Makarov.

    This link is a cover of a very powerful song which is somehow related to the actual context of Call of duty Modern Warfare;
    Vladimir Makarov...This Man!!! Was He Born To Die a Viliain Or Born to Just for a Revolution or An Eternal Revolution?!!

    This link Video Synopsis:
    YES, it is a bad world But We can work it out and change it TOGHTHER indeed.
    I think the lyrics of this song is...
    ‘’This is a revolution against the creator.’’
    but if you listen this one you can relate it otherwise as well.. I am most probably right about my these below thoughts about the song but perspective varies and I said I am most ‘’probably’’ right but life doesn’t depends on probabilities what one should always remember.
    So the songs sounds to me like that ...At the end of the day, Even the Satan is also a creature created by God himself...So if he manages to win the battle and survives this Bad World then it will also be a win for the Creator..
    For the God himself. But sadly I don't know he will like to win in this way or not because That power he posses can make him Egotistical.

    Very well done by the cover Artist. a fan and player of this wonderful game which existed in our life back then like never ever before when COD MW real era existed..
    To Everyone I dedicate and willing to share my favourite video songs which are somehow related with the theme of The COD MW 2 and 3.
    And will try to reach everyone with this post or messege of this site...To all the COD fans and specially to The COD MW fans PLAYERS specially all the MW COD fans because we have to agree to this Call of duty so refreshing back then When Vladimir Macarov used to rule.
    And feel free to share this message but only if you feel so.You can share this text with your friends who are as like we are... a fan of The COD MW.
    And I will again say that the thoughts I shared with the links of songs I gave came from my perspective where The graphics seems to be more realistic than The actual life seems to be.

    And it doesn’t mean you should have a same perspective of mine.
    And sorry for a lengthy text but these was a feeling about qa Nostalgia COD MW Era.
    And thanks for patiently being with my words this far.