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How to download Pinterest video online for free


This is an easy tool that allows you to download Pinterest videos from any device, including your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can also download Pinterest videos in MP4, 720, or another format. Sometimes, the download button doesn't work or the GIF isn't available. It's not animated, and behaves as a JPG/PNG. You should know that Pinterest is a social media platform where users from all over the world upload their videos to be approved. Pinterest doesn't grant you the right to download videos. You can still download Pinterest videos using   Step by Step Guide to Download from Pinterest Videos It all depends on the terms of Users can only download the copyright-free videos. Copyright-protected videos will require permission. Let me now show you step by step how to download Pinterest videos and gifs from your computer or other devices.   1) Locate the page you wish to save. 2) Copy the URL and paste it in the URL field. 4) Click on the Download button. 5) Once the file has been downloaded successfully, select the preferred format from this list. 6) Open the downloaded file.

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