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In Elden Ring, Malenia is very difficult to deal with. Her major difficulty is that she can heal herself by hitting you with a sword attack. However, there was an issue with the game that strengthened her. A bug meant that when the player summoned an ally to help against her, she could heal herself without actively touching the player.   I'm also one of the players who challenged her, and I have plenty of Elden Ring Runes ready. But this bug has definitely made her stronger, which is unbearable for many players. Let Me Solo Her, the premier expert, called to fight Malenia, posted a video of the bug in patch 1.04.   Let Me Solo Her could still kill her. This player became a legend in the Elden Ring community. But I think for us ordinary players, we still have more tasks to complete. So we need to buy more Elden Ring Runes at https://www.iggm.com/elden-ring-runes , which will bring great convenience to our game path. And We can now also use code "CSCCA" to get 5% off of Elden Ring Runes and Items! Try it.  

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